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Fan Pictures: Madonna at Roseland Ballroom - Part 4


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Dean Tailor

The song is called "Invisible" and is the title track from the forthcoming album by American artist Skylar Grey.


the other trailer is WAY better. gives a completely different sense of the film. this one is tv friendly. boombastic. the other one is much more elegant, like the film itself, but they've taken it offline unfortunately.


That man that plays Edward is classic handsome!


"Most misunderstood woman in the world" - um, is that suppose to be tongue in cheek?

Madonna is the most influential and fascinating artist in the world of Music,fashion and pop culture. But truth be told, I saw this film and it is merely a vanity project for her. Yes, it is better than her last film - much better actually. But for me, I tend to like "period" pieces anyhow. Make no mistake, it is no Downton Abbey, that's for sure. The dialogue is wince inducing and the editing is annoying.

The acting is okay. The cinematography is okay. The overall story is okay.

But that's the point - nothing stands out or is memorable in anyway.When Considering Madonna's history with film , both in front and behind the camera, I guess "Okay" is considered a success for her.

Bottom line (for me)... this endeavor doesn't leave a bad taste in my mouth - it leaves NO taste at all.

I give it a 4 out of 10.

I am loving new single that has leaked though!


Great trailer! Who sings the song towards the end? Thank you!

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