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Open-air festivals for those without tickets to enjoy Games

A brief mention of the Madonna Hyde Park concert in July 2012 is featured in this article from

Three million people will be treated to music acts and live televised Olympic action in free open-air festivals during the Games.
Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square and Victoria Park in Bow will host events which are intended to recreate the excitement of the Olympics for those who missed out on tickets.
The 14 days of free 'London Live' events will be book-ended by two paid-for 80,000-capacity concerts in Hyde Park on the nights of the opening and closing ceremonies.
Organiser Live Nation hopes to line up superstars for the concerts but will not sign up acts until shortly before tickets go on sale next year.
Hyde Park will be in the thick of the Olympic action next summer as it hosts the Olympic torch on July 26, the night before the opening ceremony.
Separately, Madonna will play a one-off show in Hyde Park on July 11 and Bruce Springsteen will headline Hard Rock Calling at the same location three days later.


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I agree - large venues for a Madonna show are bad. The show is too visual and madonna too small! Webmley Arena (not the huge stadium) is the perfect size. Not massive but a big enough crowd for a great atmosphere. My Madonna concert travel buddy is 5"7 and its pointless going to an open air gig - can't see a damm thing! lol


Singer is the one of the top earner in terms of profit in terms of profession because first of all they are very famous and they can bring thousands of gigs to become crazy during their concerts.


re: money. it's also logistics and being human. doing 6 or 7 shows is a lot more grueling than doing 3 or 4 for larger audiences. i'm sure Madonna and other artists would love to perform the shows for smaller audiences and have it be intimate, but it's just not logistically possible. that being said, money is a big part of it, too. also explains why australia has been skipped the last few tours.

Robert King

On the comment John made on the Wembley gig. I am in total agreement, so why do artists do large gigs? Answer: The artist would have to do six or seven smaller gigs to make the same amount of money. They don’t care as long as they are making the money as quickly as possible.

john Suddes

As much I would would love a new tour, I hope this is not true or I wont be going unless there are smaller venues too, I went to Wembley for Sticky & Sweet and it was awful! Not the show as I seen it in manchester too and it was fantastic but large venues spoil it


hmmm, everybody is publishing facts like are already true... but we have to wait for official confirmations... what we know that always come late...

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