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UK music website NME gave a great review of Give Me All Your Love which leaked in full yesterday evening:

Yesterday we gave our verdict on the leaked clips of Madonna's new single 'Give Me All Your Love'. Well now the whole thing has been unleashed.
In truth, some people have suggested that it's just a demo at this stage (M.I.A and Nicki Minaj are rumoured to feature on the final version). But to us it sounds just fine as it is.
It starts off non-typically enough with a Nicola Roberts styled 'L-U-V MADONNA' cheerleader shout out, before we're zippily lead by co-writer and producer William Orbit in a polished 60s shake down. It's clear he's revisiting his past collaborations with the singer, with shades of 'Beautiful Stranger'and 'Amazing' abounding. There's also an echo of 'Ray Of Light' in the jet powered guitar line on the verse. The whole thing seems to soar effortlessly, especially in the context of her last album, the difficult-to-love 'Hard Candy'.
There have been criticisms that the bouncy lyrics ('Give me all your love/ Let's forget about time and dance the night away' goes the chorus) are neither befitting of the grande dame of disco nor are indicative of the type of lyrics she should be penning at this stage in her career. And I even wrote a blog a few months ago saying that she 'needs to draw from the events that have affected her (divorce, adoption).'
Blah, blah, blah, frankly. Because what Madonna's doing in this song is so much more impossibly fun than we could have imagined that all of that talk seems unimportant.
By dodging cookie-cutter Gaga europop sound or the cold urban sound of 'Hard Candy', Madonna sounds like Madonna again, which is a reason to celebrate.


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"Madonna sounds like Madonna again"

Yeah, circa the utterly dreadful "Jimmy, Jimmy"!!!


The song is embarrassingly bad. The press can put whatever positive spin they want on this piece of drek, but this is not gonna be a hit unless it's completely revamped. I agree with the comment about Countess Luann. Any of the songs released by the Bravo Housewives bests this demo easily, and that's a shame.


Oh, Madonna. Nowadays, Countess Luann makes better songs. More effort, please. Be an artist. Stop trying to be Katy Perry; stop trying to make songs that will be hits. GMAYL feels so inauthentic, forced.


I heard a remix of the demo. It quite fun and nice to hear. Hoping the official/album version will be more polished.

To all, just keep your fingers and legs crossed. :)


The song is her worst song yet (specially for a first single). This is from the woman that wrote Like a Prayer, Vogue, Frozen etc...Come on Madonna!!


@ Matt: agree, and 'Girlfriend' was also a rip-off, of "Mickey"!


whoever heard a single song prod. by m. solveig would be like "been there, done that". she can make this way better. i'm hoping this is the "beat goes on" style demo, and that it will become bangin'


song sucks and william orbit had nothing to do with it


I love her new song!!!!! I can't wait for this album!!!!! The Queen is back!!!!!


Is Guy Oseary writing for NME now?


Sorry, NME, this song is tragic. Sounds like she spent all of 5 minutes writing it and another 5 minutes recording it. Is that all she's got after 4 years break? It sounds like Avril Lavigne's 'Girlfriend' too, and that's not a good thing.


I couldn't agree more with NME. I love the song and I want more!!!!



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