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let's hope M.I.A. can put some magic into this horrible Avril Lavigne track


Can't stand those stupid expressions Nicki Minaj insists on pulling in all her videos!

The Lion

M.I.A. is cool and totally nuts (I mean, look at her album/single artwork!), but I'd prefer that Madonna does something more disco/techno with no rap/hip-hop elements. It'd be cool if M.I.A and Nicki Minaj collaborated on just one song maybe...


Guys, if we will examine closely Madonna’s decision-making in terms of her career, she’s the type who does things by her own will. Yes, she will listen and consider suggestions, but she’d still make the final decision. And this kind of attitude kept her going on for almost 30 years in the business.

Honestly, as a true-blue, die-hard Madonna fan since “Borderline” and “Holiday” era, I’ve cringed and frowned with her releases of American Life and Hard Candy. But that didn’t stop me to continue supporting and loving her. Because as a true and loyal fan, I will accept those not-so-favorable projects thinking that she will not give me Ray of Light and Confessions type of music all the time. She will keep changing and shifting each time she comes up with a new album.

Why? That’s what kept her interesting and relevant – hits or losses, she’s still here.
And we should embrace the fact that she’s still doing what she loves doing for us – her fans. The GIFT of music. To CELEBRATE life. Thank you so much, Madonna… We LOVE you!


"so excitied madonna and minaj doesnt get better stop hating people

Posted by: nick"

In your opinion, yes. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, too, even if it does cnflict with yours.

Personally, the thought of "look at me, I've got attitude and credibility" M.I.A.'s caterwauling also fills me with dread. And, as for cartoon character/clothes horse Nicki Manj, well...! For me, Minaj is the most overrrated "singer" to emerge in years.

Oh, and "stop hating" is such a cliched and vastly overused phrase now...


so excitied madonna and minaj doesnt get better stop hating people


Oh Lord! I hate these new artists so much! I just wish Madonna would stay away from all of them! And I didn't want any Rap in the new album :( Maybe it wont be that bad. I hope this is the only track with crappy new artists and rap!


Madonna still has the same challenging attitude and zest that she always has because she is THE EDGE that created all of it. M.I.A is a big deal, very artistic and witty...she has also done things that people find far from cool and too challenging and disturbing. It is no coincidence then that Madonna has summond her, she's not just a cheap shot for the sake of a demographic. Like every M record there are is going to be something fantastic to offer, just skip to the next track if this one doesn't work for you


Madonna IS cool. End of.


I may have to sample this album before and if I buy it. Not looking good.


Someone teach this bitch some English!


Oh, M! Are you STILL so desperate to be 'cool'? After the fiasco of "Hard Candy", I really hoped that you would no longer feel the need to be "down with the kids"! My hopes for the new album are now declining rapidly!

And, M.I.A. - is it a prerequisite of Tweeting that you lose any sense of grammar and write in baby language??? :-o. :-



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