Harpers Bazaar Cover Revealed
Guy Oseary talks Give Me All Your Love leaks

Harpers Bazaar: Complete Portfolio Online

The complete Tom Munro porfolio and interview for Harpers Bazaar has been released online today - some really lovely black and white images!

Madonna lives behind high, spike-topped, black metal walls in three townhouses joined into one on New York's Upper East Side. I had to manage my covetous feelings as I was ushered through the gate and then walked through pristine living rooms, dining rooms, and sitting areas, all decorated like the highest end of British hotels, in a mélange of blacks and grays. There were glossy black floors and doors, original Tamara de Lempicka paintings on the walls, and, I would swear, a wall covering made of teal duck feathers in at least one bathroom.
But I was open to forgiving Madonna all of these signs of her success because the fact is, I think the woman is gutsy, and the risks she has taken in her career have made the world a bit freer and more interesting for women of my generation.
In person, Madonna is tiny and alarmingly fit, and she has the posture of a seasoned dancer. Her face is more delicate than in photos; one gets the sense that she is aware of her every gesture. She is wearing beige slacks with boots and a belted beige sweater over a white shirt; her hair is simply styled in blonde waves. She greets me warily and welcomes me into a quiet study.

The full interview can be read at harpersbazaar.com/madonna-interview and large versions of the Tom Munro shot, Arianne Phillips styled pictures can be viewed at harpersbazaar.com/madonna-fashion-pictures

Pictures courtesy of Harpers Bazaar / Tom Munro


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Love all the photo's and Madonna looks stunning.

john Suddes

love the last photo in the glasses, she makes glasses sexy!! and what a fantastic figure :o)


Calling all Madonna fans! Please let us all unite to report to YouTube to immediately block any of her new singles, like the one that leaked yesterday. As everyone here feels, it ruins and spoils the promotion and sales for her new 2012 album. Calling Guy Oseary and Universal Music: please protect Madonna! OMG!


OMG! Madonna is so HOT! The one and only Queen of Pop!


she's sexy, she's young


OMG! Just look at this! This woman is just Godgiven!!!

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