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Guy Oseary talks Give Me All Your Love leaks

Guy Oseary has took to twitter on Wednesday to answer fans questions and talk about the leak of Give Me All Your Love:

The plan was for new music to come out in the new year... and yet someone leaked a demo version of a song yesterday..

Im very happy with the positive reaction to the demo, but we are very upset with whoever leaked the song!!!!!!!!

we are asking that the fans please help us police any more leaks.. we have a lot in store for you.. but please respect the process..

madonna told me this morning "my true fans wouldn't do this"... whoever is responsible for this leak, we ask that you please stop!..

we are happy with the positive reaction.. but there is a process.. new music in the new year.. and lots of it..

no name for new album yet.. the album is not finished.. it should be done in the next month or so...

not sure how many tracks yet..

there is beautiful ballad she wrote for the movie...

she is only upset with whoever leaked the music.. we would love to know who that is..

we have not done photos yet.. just working on finishing the album.. almost done..


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The positive reviews have been from major critics like NME and MTV. I think the song is a lot of fun, effortless and easy, unlike the hard to love Hard Candy tracks


@fitsy82: Thank you for your beautiful and utterly rich text! Oh God yes, I so miss those days! I think I have never been as nervous as I am now about this. Too much information in advance is just not good! Spoils the whole fun!


fitsy 82, so very well said. thank you.

paul waters

Annoir.....go back to your cage and think about your comments, yes im sure man boy gaga will be copying this excellent slice of pop soon now that her 5 minutes of fame have passed...


Its just a demo! Why are people getting so stressed? Probarbly because they do not want their idol to fall foul of the media and those fans of younger celebrities namely Kylie and GaGa!

Well Madonna has nothing to fear from those two camps and her fans shouldnt fear them either. Madonna has amassed more critical and material success than those two so called stars combined, and maybe the rest too! Even if she chose NEVER to release another album again her legacy would live on in the careers of those wannabes that seek out and attempt to emulate her formula for longevity and success. Madonna goes beyond the realm of chart placings and record sales. She is an icon in every sense of the word and a true legend who eclipses those artists that spit out words and phrases that Madonna used for real decades ago! Madonna is not only a cultural icon but she is a material force too, many forget that her nearest rivals in global record sales are Barbara Steisand and Mariah Carey who still fall short of Madonna's global sales my millions! Madonna has achieved so much in her long and illustrious career... she has nothing left to prove to anyone! If anything it is those young upstarts who have everything to prove, and sometimes even starting an argument or comparison with Madonna guarantees them media coverage "basking in my spotlight, i never felt so happy" so the song goes....

Around the world women want to be her, men still adore her and business people still study her. Tours by everyone from Take That to Kylie, Rihanna to Beyonce and beyond are a direct result of Madonna's vision and creativity, Blond Ambition? Its so easy to forget and dismiss all that she has inspired and achieved. The very culture of celebrity was founded by Madonna, the concept of reality TV was also something Madonna pioneered on Truth or Dare... So why feel threatened by some young upstart and her 'monsters'?? Why should we feel threatened by Kylie fans eager for Madonna to fail? Why should it bother us if Britney or Rihanna fans claim their favourite is sooo much better? Madonna is so much more than that, so much more than the stars who, in reality, are just awstruck fans like the rest of us! Leave Madonna be, lets be greatful she is producing music 30 years on, still doing her thing, still causing a press frenzy over an unfinished track! Who else could do that? Relax... lets just wait and party when it arrives, just like the good old days when we used to rush out to buy the 7" single, obsess overe the cover and the remixes, tune in to TV to wait with baited breath to view the video, whats she going to wear? what will it be like? God i miss those days!!! Damn the net!!!!!


The reaction to the demo is mostly negative. People say she sounds like Britney Spears, her voice is too high, she should use her low voice and make more serious songs, etc. I agree. I think she should do something that sounds completely different from all the rest of the pop stars are doing, something like Erotica or American Life or Ray of Light. This songs sounds like any of the current pop princesses could sing.
But anyway it's just a demo, the finished songs could sound different.

paul wolfe

I have been a fan from day one. I think back in the day she would walk into a studio and nail a song. it was probably easy for her judging by the amazing back catalogue. she was also able to silence her critics with good music.

I think she now walks in and cant nail it. the passion or killer instinct is gone or fading. This may be a demo but it has a lack lustre melody and crappy lyrics. I am a huge fan but I am not sure if ill buy anymore or go to concerts as she seems more disconnected from her fans than ever. makes me sad to say that as she has made a huge impact in my life. I still treasure my collection. I hope I am wrong.


I'm sorry, but Hard Candy was awful (bar 3 songs) and this is just a follow up in the same vein. Madonna once took us on spiritual quest, she used to provoke us to think and to believe in ourselves, now she's just a fame hungry old sad. I fear I am saying goodbye to her... this song feels like the end of my life long relationship with her.

Rj Lee

THANK GOD 'Give me all your love' is NOT the new single. PHEW! Cos the song is horrible.


I think it's funny how everyone is judging a demo and going crazy over it. What other singer out there could cause this much of a stir, negative or positive, over a demo? That's right, only Madonna. This song is also better then ANYTHING on Lady Gaga's new album, which is horrible.

Madonna has no worries.


It's the same as the photos that leaked recently. I found them degrading, not because of what she was or wasn't wearing, but because of the invasion of privacy. But clearly they weren't leaked by a fan or any other outsider.

The same goes for the music leaks, which occurred with Hard Candy as well. And those pictures from the Hard Candy photo shoots.

Basically, she has enemies in her camp.

It's a shame because the excitement can't be the same anymore because things - photos, music, videos - leak.

On the other hand that's how things are these days, and just as Madonna's personal security is and always has been lax, so is her creative security.

I do wish, though, that the fan websites wouldn't be part of degrading her or her work.

Then again, if she or her staff or family open her house windows and play her new music loud in the middle of summer - which is what happened - then what does she expect but that people will hear her music before it's ready?

As for the song, I didn't like it at first, but it is catchy, however it is not a classic, and clearly it's not a demo either. It's just not a final version music-wise, though clearly her vocals are the final version - they're fully produced.



Remeber back to the first leaked demo of 'The Beat Goes On' - it sucked BIG TIME!

"i'm tired of doing the same ol'thing ... let's change things up"!

The song was then overhauled for the album and now sounds great (except for the long, long, long rap sequence).

This is an obvious leak to guage a reaction.
Everyone should relax! It's not a bad album song(b-side only)... I really beleive it won't be the new single.


I personally did not like the new track. It sounded like early '80s Blondie, but without an ounce of original spin on the era. Currently, there is this '80s retro-style in the music of many hipster bands, but they all put their own spin on that era. Madonna here just copies the era without enriching it and evolving it. Plus it's a cheesy cheerleader song for a 53 year old woman.

Madonna's 2005 "Confessions on the Dance Floor" remains my favorite music of hers. I think it's time for her to make a concept artistic album, not a pop album. She's made pop albums for 30 years now. It's time for her to move to the next plane as an artist. Less pop, less in-your-face vocals, and more music, more abstraction, more complexity and layers. I believe Madonna can do this music. She gets it. I can see glimpses of it in her music (and by the fact that she wants to direct movies). But the poppy commercial music ends up winning at the end, and diminishing the dreaming and loose effect. And that's why I love "Confessions" the most. It had more of this dreamy, "take the melody and make it yours" kind of music than any other piece she's made.


I also have been reading mostly negative comments about this song.....I don't know where he's getting this "amazing response."

Another example of a star being surrounded by "yes" people saying they can do no wrong. Truth is....this song is very immature sounding for her....very desperate like she is trying to sound 15. I also think her camp purposely leaked the track to generate buzz.

I hoped she would take her music to a new level....but that does not seem to be the case based on this below average song.


Positive reactions to the track? Where? All the sites I've seen are very negative and just disappointing comments all over the place. The track/melody/text sucks badly. This is ok for Avril Lavigne but not for Madonna (the supposed queen of pop)


I have been a massive hard core Madonna fan since 1986 and I personally loved the song! It's fun and catchy and will be a radio hit for her. despite people not liking it, which is i believe because her fans expect this big massive hit every single time shes gone and "comes back". well it doesnt work that way. Also, the music market and industry has changed. she now has to market to the younger generation despite her hardcores being adults now. She is a very smart business woman so I am not worried in the least about the album or the singles.


The reaction has been amazingly positive, don't know what sites these people are going to. And yes, the Madonna Machine itself leaked this. But I can play along.


I wish the new album will be like the dances tracks on the Ray Of Light album's. "Ray Of Light", "Nothing Really Matters", "Skin" and "Sky Fits Heaven" are totaly amazing ! This is pure music, crativity and innovation. "Give Me All Your Love" seem to be a easy song, with easy lyrics.. She's 53, she needs to put some good mature music, teen or adults will like it. She have a throne to keep !


What positive reaction? Sorry Guy, the reaction is mostly negative, and I frequent many Madonna fan websites where the long time die hard fans have expressed their disappointment...

This song may be fun and appropriate just for the super bowl performance, but us Madonna 25+ years fans are mature adults. We want mature music, not high school cheer leading bubblegum pom pom music.

I absolutely adore & love Madonna, but this song makes me cringe more than anything on American Life which really was a good album.

I don't know if I believe if this was a "leak". Maybe it was intentional to gauge the fan's reaction?
Considering the caliber of security Madonna subscribes to, I find it hard to believe that this breach could happen so early in the recording process.

Robert King

Heard the demo of the song, what a load of rubbish. Just the same old, same old. Lady Gaga doesn’t have anything to worry about.


Its all very well saying "my real fans wouldn't do this" but it didn't walk out of the studio by itself. Instead of blaming the fans I suggest they take a closer look at home within Madonna's team. Someone she works with did it. What fan wouldn't want to listen?

Triple X

Whoever leaked the demo was right inside her camp. Who, keeps the demos ? Who is responsible to keep it secure ? It must have been someone who is in the recording studio with her

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