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Madonna Delays 'W.E' US Release To 2012

Give Me All Your Love Leaks And It's So Much Freakin' Fun

Earlier a few audio snippets of Madonna's 'Give Me All Your Love' leaked and it sure didn't take long for the whole track to find its way online.
And the verdict around the MTV Newsroom: Thumbs up, Madge. Thumbs WAY up. In fact, one gentlemanly MTV News boss man perhaps said it best: 'I like this so much more than I should.'
This track falls squarely in Madonna's cannon; it's pure dance pop. It opens with Nicki Minaj cheering, 'L-U-V, MADONNA / Y-O-U, you wanna?' before Madonna jumps in with the first verse.
There is, however, one big surprise - M.I.A. is nowhere to be found on the giddy song, despite rumors that she would appear. In her place, glittery synths, marching band drums, claps and a catchy-as-hell chorus. Actually, the whole thing, start to finish, is undeniably catchy. We already have big plans to listen to it on repeat while spinning around our bedroom in circles. Yeah, it's like that!



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I haven't heard it but even if her new album is awful, we still have loads of great Madonna albums. She's delivered the goods for nearly 30 years, that's much more than most "artists."


It's a POP song!!!!!!! My God! lmao. Wow!! Ring, ring ring goes the telephone? Singy, singy, singy? DEEP! lord.


While I was waiting outside of Roseland Saturday night to see Madonna, everyone were talking about the new "demo" ( hopefully it's just a demo) and nobody like it... I mean ... Nobody ( meaning Madonna's fans, including me) seriously??? Lyricly... it's just... I don't even know what to say... And the.. L U V Madonna!!! Sounds just awful !!!! Sorry!


I also cannot stand this song.....horrible.


Heard it all before and already over the leak. Hopefully her new album is like what Orbit has said it would be (deep lyrics and awesome sound). This is just cookie cutter, 2010 teeny pop. I used to like Madonna's adult themed, ahead of the curve pop. Sigh, I fear another age has gone, another star went supernova...


@ Louise:

I would bet VERY good money that these leaks were - ahem - 'staged'.... ;-)


>I don't think she needs her 'fans' telling her how to stay relevant ;)

Actually, this is exactly what she needs. If she doesn't get feedback from the very people who buy her stuff, her staff won't be able to make out their next move.


Attention Guy Oseary and Universal Music: please protect your artist Madonna against these leaks! We want her to have a successful comeback with her new 2012 album, both with promotions and sales!


People have been telling Madonna how to remain relevant for 28 years now. I don;t think she needs her 'fans' telling her how to stay relevant ;)


I wrote an opinion article about what Madonna needs to do to move on as an artist & create music that matters today. Sorry, it's hosted on my personal blog, as it's a bit too long to copy/paste here, but it's my honest opinion on what needs to happen for Madonna to remain relevant, IMHO.


The perfect track for the Superbowl gig. It's gonna be amazing!

Rj Lee

If 'CRITICS' ever liked anything it just means it's crap to the rest of the world. I am so disappointed with this song that it hurts me to say so.


Are they still talking about the demo? Because if so, that's not Nikki, and it's fucking AWFUL! I love Madonna, but this 80s mess is terrible.


I like it a lot!!! I love it!!! L-U-V Madonna!!


oh Guy you are earning your pay... spin spin spin...I'm tired of bitching about this song...


Mmm... Nicky Minage is not on that demo track..

Alex G

I find it boring

David Cowan

The song is Ace! classic Madonnna, after the rather anonymous Hard Candy.


I have heard Madge's new single on NRJ french Radio and it is pretty good....can't wait for new album...

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