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Give Me All Your Love clips leak online

Entertainment website Digital Spy have published this story and links to the Give Me All Your Love leaks online this afternoon:

Clips of Madonna's new single have appeared online.
The snippets of the star's upcoming song 'Give Me All Your Love' are thought to be from the demo version of the track.
The full version will be premiered during the Super Bowl XLVI on February 5 at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.
The final version will include features from Nicki Minaj and MIA and has been produced by Martin Sloveig.
Previous reports have indicated that Madonna's performance of the track with include 'heavy choreography with major cheerleading action'.
The 53-year-old recently suggested that 'Give Me All Your Love' will have an official release in February or March of 2012 with her new album to follow in the spring.

Are these leaks building up the anticipation of the single release, or ruining the surprise - let madonnalicious know by hitting the 'Comments' button below.


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bobby blue

ruins the surprise


Though officially unconfirmed still, I just got over the fact that she's playing the superbowl, yes it's great exposure, but to me, it's a gig below her. What I refuse to believe is that she would be working with Nicki Minaj. I can believe MIA, but not that talentless Nicki, so I really hope that's just a huge rumor. In terms of the snipes from the track? doesn't sound extraordinary. She's been away for a while, the world has changed some, and she's freaking Madonna. I don't expect her to come out with anything short of another "Music" or "Hung Up" in term of a huge single. This doesn't sound like it....yet.


I think people are reading way too much into this song. They invested an unbelievable amount of high expectation, only to lead themselves to disappointment. It's really not a bad song! It's the demo, for christsake! If you listen closely and notice how there's really no bass or excess "music magic," it's obvious that Master Orbit has yet to cast a spell over the track. Have faith and be patient!


Full song leakead! I love it!


Digital Spy has another link with the full version of the demo. It's catchy and a little retro which I love but honestly I hope I get deepest lyrics on the rest of the album because the lyrics of this song are a little too simple. but hey, it's Madonna after all and I know the final version will be awesome (Beat Goes On deja vu). I can imagine the 'heavy choreography with major cheerleading action' with this song. Can't wait!

Nicholas Vandermillen

Martin Sloveig to write Madonnas Hit single for the Super Bowl was a tasteful choice and this song im sure will blow up huge at the actual event and its catchy.However, if the rest of her Album sounded like this song it would be another Hard Candy album (boring) Right now we need he to BRING IT! So because she knows just exactly that I believe her album will not be like this song at all.


That sounded way to amateur and I agree, no where NEAR ready. That can't be what we are expecting after so many years and so many creative producers for this album. I'm disappointed and will pretend it's NOT so. : (


She's released fake demos in the past and I hope this is one. Very sub-par for Madonna IMO.


gaga who is right! glad Madonna has gone back to something fun. (first time since MUSIC, in my opinion.) can't wait to hear the finished track.


I think it ruins the surprise, it's going to a concert that you've already seen. And it also results in less record sales at the moment of release. Nothing should be on Internet before the album release, people will download the song and they won't by the record cos they already have the song.


Definitely ruins the surprise. If you have no idea what the album's gonna be the expectation is unbearable, but if you hear the leaks a couple of months before the album is released you already know the song and the release itself is less explosive.


Ruin it!!


I didn't like it. It's not gonna do anything on the charts.


i just heard the whole song on perez hilton, and it hurts my soul to say this, but I HATE IT....


what about this FULL leaked version????


perfect for the super bowl its well catchy n to team up with nicki who is on fire atm is just genius love you madonna keep it fresh as always...(xcept hard candy)


I don't like it. It sounds amateurish and reminds me of Jimmy Jimmy, which is her worst song of all time. It is just a demo though, but it needs a lot of work.


the whole thing leaked... i'm not loving it


I can't help but think that perhaps leaks are a good way for Madonna & Co. to assess interest/feedback before setting the tune out officially. Remember with Confessions on a Dance Floor, when she said each song was put through the ringer at various clubs (anonymously through Stuart Price) to gauge interest? Methinks this is probably similar....

Either way, it's fun, and I'm happy we're not listening to more Kaballah drivel or life lessons. We've had enough of those during the last 10 years!


I don't know what to say :(
Feeling kinda blue I thought Madonna's new single would be far better than this . I do really love Madonna but I'm feeling kinda dissaponted. This song won't be a number 1 :(


I hope is just a work in progress... really poor song...

Kevin Lee Burns

Listen several times.....instant hook. It's very Madonna yet very Bangles so it has HIT written all over it, demo or not.


I think it sounds really dated and the lyrics are cheesy. The whole cheerleading thing is played out too....very Kylie X Tour.


Listened to the whole demo on a site today. I like it but it sounds too much like a Britney song, and if Nicki Minaj and MIA are really going to be on the finished version then this sounds like another Hard Candy to me. Oh I hope that is not the direction Madonna is going for this new cd. Once was enough. I mean I enjoy listening to Hard Candy every once in a while, but it has no soul. It will not hold up over time as her older stuff has. Ray of Light is a classic and in my opinion her best album, and listening to True Blue now is still such a joy, it is a classic as well. I hope that she goes back to making an album that will stand the test of time and not disposable music that no one will remember a year later. Madonna it is not to late, make a killer album, one worthy of your talent.


Another "leak". So good for publicity. Tricks of the trade.

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