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Give Me All Your Love clips leak online

Entertainment website Digital Spy have published this story and links to the Give Me All Your Love leaks online this afternoon:

Clips of Madonna's new single have appeared online.
The snippets of the star's upcoming song 'Give Me All Your Love' are thought to be from the demo version of the track.
The full version will be premiered during the Super Bowl XLVI on February 5 at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.
The final version will include features from Nicki Minaj and MIA and has been produced by Martin Sloveig.
Previous reports have indicated that Madonna's performance of the track with include 'heavy choreography with major cheerleading action'.
The 53-year-old recently suggested that 'Give Me All Your Love' will have an official release in February or March of 2012 with her new album to follow in the spring.

Are these leaks building up the anticipation of the single release, or ruining the surprise - let madonnalicious know by hitting the 'Comments' button below.


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To E W, you better calm down because it sounds like your gonna have a stroke. Chill out dude, you sound like a raving ass****


@ E W:

In fact, TRUE fans are the ones who DON'T blindly follow an artist. No, TRUE fans are those who can be HONEST and say if something is good or not.

Madonna herself has no qualms abou saying what SHE likes and doesn't like, after all - try giving her hydrangeas and you'll see that! LOL

And, by the way, your comment is so darned rude and profane, I am actually amazed that Clare published it in the first place to be honest!


As the title track goes " GIMME ME ALL YOUR LOVE " and from whats been written on here she's not getting that from US Madonna fans ... ALL im hearing is a bunch of WHINNY BITCHY FUCKING QUEENS saying they hate this , she can do better blah blah !! IF you say your a TRUE Madonna fan then you should be praising and loving her for fuck sake ! If you dont like it then shut the fuck up cuz their are alot of other fans that do !!!!!!!!


"Nothing will ever replace the anticipation and delivery of Confessions on a Dance floor. When hung up was released officially I was in a club in London and the crowd went WILD for it.... It was a moment in time."

Posted by: Annodam2000 | Wednesday, 09 November 2011 at 11:07 AM

I agree TOTALLY! I was in a club in Kings Cross when it was played for the first time (in that club - I had heard it already).

People were initially thing "WTF?" with the "Time goes by..." opening; when the ABBA sample kicked in, people just went MENTAL.


I didn't like her last album. This song sounds it could fit on there easily. Too much bubblegum and no edge. Hopefully it will end up better, but with this result I doubt it. Her last interesting album for me was American Life and I think I will skip this album like the last one.


i dont feel William orbits magic in this single so of curse this song is not finished. I just hope that the album sounda diferent from this song. And this song just for superbowl and not the comeback single. Madonna i belive in u. No me defraudea mi reina


You guys must be out of your mind...

This scat.... Is the biggest piece of shit that I've heard for a very long time

This woman must be mad... It's going to be a BIG FLOP


I love Madonna so much and I love this song so much!!!!! I can not wait for this new album!!!!!


When Music was leaked, many people said she was just repeating herself and had no respect for Afrika Bambataa (I should know I spent days defending that song in many forums back in 2000) and that she should not record a song that would make her sound like Britney. When the first 30 seconds of the song Hung Up was officially released, many people have dismissed Madonna and said that she should not tamper with the ABBA songs. When the demo of Beat Goes On leaked, Madonna was declared a has-been. Looking back, Madonna’s career has been tagged as ‘over’ every single year since 1984.

It seems everyone wants Madonna to be profound or to be a recording artist who will always have an artistic statement. She never told us that she wants to be one. All she wanted then was to be a STAR and one who will conquer the world. She did and despite being popular and considered mainstream she was able to release albums that are now considered some of the greatest pop albums ever (Prayer, Music, Confessions, Ray and even Erotica).

She doesn’t need to prove anything.

And with this song (which was confirmed as a demo by Guy Oseary)….this one song…..this one song from the many that will be included in the album….this one DEMO….a lot of the so-called Madonna fans are disappointed. Hope they lighten up or admit that they are not fans. It will never be 1985 again in terms of sales or huge popularity….it will never be Ray of Light Part 2 or Music Part 2 or Like a Prayer Part 2 because she ‘refers’ but never repeats herself……it will never be a distinct Madonna sound because she doesn’t have a distinct or signature sound….but it will always be about that distinct Madonna fun, sexy, and sometimes corny (New York-Dork)and ridiculous (Singy-Singy-Singy-Wingy-Wingy-Wingy) vibe. For the real fans….two or three more months we will have the new album. Exciting time for us.

eric yan

Huge Madonna fan and I don't like it. I was expecting a lot more! This is just something we heard before... A bit like she says in the song...

Juan Pablo

God I love this site and LOVED reading my fellow madonna-lovers comments. I heard the song too and I really liked it. It's very early Madonna and that's something that I always welcome from her. I wouldn't mind for our Queen not to get too deep with her lyrics. After all, she is Madonna and Madonna is all about fun music. Not everything she does has to be a therapy session set to music.

The Lion

This is probably far-fetched, but maybe the song "leaked" intentionally so that she could see what reactions it would generate and then do the necessary changes to her new songs... But given that she is probably almost done recording it, it's not very likely... We'll see. I just hope the entire album does not sound like this.

The Lion

It sounds old to me, too cheesy, too teenage poppy... Certainly not what I expected or hoped for, but I admit this is the demo version only, it could change significantly. I love Madonna twenty times more than I like Lady Gaga, but any song on Born this way sounds better than this, I have to say. If Madonna really wants to continue to be the best in the future, especially after a 4-year-break, she really needs to make music that won't make her sound silly at 55. This one sort of does.

Teresa Gibson

Yeah I hope there's more to it. Made me think of the bubblegum songs of the 80's. I want something that's gonna make me wanna get on the dancefloor like Confessions did. Something edgy, fresh. I didnt hate the song. But I wasnt blown away.

marc beattie

When I first heard the demo track for Hung up and 4 miuntes... is wasn't the end verison that we got so we could be a long way off her the final product....

Madge could just be teasing us with this leak!!



Nice song...for a second or third cut, but not as a 'comeback' single with a lot of competition. It's gonna be a hit because it's Madonna! Could be better proiduced, but previous demo's have grew on me too...so let's see


Not linking it.... I'm hoping that this is to throw people off the real scent...this will bomb in the charts!

Nothing will ever replace the anticipation and delivery of Confessions on a Dance floor. When hung up was released officially I was in a club in London and the crowd went WILD for it... and it wasnt the usual Madonna fan crowd. It was a moment in time. If this is her comeback single then there will not be a comeback. I live in hope that I am wrong.


The first half of the demo HURTS me, as it's so bad. The second half has LOTS of potential, though. Please turn this into a GOOD song, solveig/madonna/orbit et al.


Sounds like a Cher Lloyd song!! I have been a Madonna fan since the start and this is poor, ok it may be the demo version but it will need a lot of work to be done before its release.

Ps: Clare: I have emailed you twice ( I know that you are extremely busy with work and this website) please answer x x


sad, cheap, hate it ...


This is way below what I was expecting. Desperate/Stale/Stupid lyrics. WTF? WAKE UP MADONNA! We miss you! This is mid record filler fluff, not a lead single!

Rocco V. (not her son)

Yes we are very excited to say the least for a new Madonna album. It's still a work in progress and just not ready for our consumption. Let her finish the album and wait patiently for the end results from her direct sources.

Triple X

Unbelievable. Madonna does have all this security around her and one thing she cant really secure are the demos of her upcoming album. It does spoil the surprise


alright.....I've listened to it twice and i am still feeling very neutral about it. its catchy, britney-esque,but, doesn't have me filled with anticipated excitement like "hung up" did when it was leaked.....I've been a fan of Madonnas since day one,so, i am hoping this track is still a work in progress. I have faith that our girl won't let us down!!

Perie Wolford

The full track is already on youtube!!! It's not Ray of Light but sounds cheery for sure!

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