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'A Fairy Tale in New York but Hot Hot Hot in the studioooooo'

Since Madonna manager Guy Oseary announced she'd be working on an album over the summer, tentatively slated for a spring release, the Queen of Pop's most loyal followers have been clamoring for updates about the progress of the record.
Last week, it was rumored Madge had plans to work with M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj, and now producer William Orbit has some more news for the singer's most loyal devotees.
'Madonna has phenomenal understanding of both the minutiae of music and the big picture. Zooming in, zooming out. 4ever amazing. Plus VISION!!!' he tweeted. 'Working with Madonna is a treat. Fantastic tracks and vibes. Going deep. She's ON IT !!! This is THE album!'
The Ray of Light producer's tweets even reveal where the two have been cooking up tracks for the record. 'WOWOWOWOW just looked out the window here in NY and IT's SNOWING !!!!!' he wrote. 'A Fairy Tale in New York but Hot Hot Hot in the studioooooo.'
At the London screening for her film 'W.E.,' Madonna spoke to Sky News about the top-secret project, addressing the nature of her celebrity and how it relates to her art. 'Even when I try something old [I get criticized]. When I make my music, I come up against criticism,' she said. 'So it kind of goes with the territory. I'm used to it.'
What are you expecting from Madonna's next album? Let us know in the comments!



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I have no doubt it will be amazing. Cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


waitng, anticipating... lol... totes no more of that.


Have u people ever thought that she may take M.I.A & Niki & put them in a whole new Ray Of Light like electric pop instead of ur typical R N B !!!!


OMG people M will make sure this album is nothing like HARD CANDY but remember b4 we knew or seen any videos... she sounded african american mmmmmmmhhhh can u say old school R N B pop...So I really enjoyed her last album u got 2 really listen 2 the groove & beat & vocals of HARD CANDY... It's like goin back 2 her debut album MADONNA with twist and soundR N B of 2000 era!!!! Yeah she may of dress & look HOT ,YOUNG & FRESH but thats what we LEO do best!!!! So catch it !!!!!!AND i have heard sum of her upcuming shit & it will be the SHIT...which GAGA can duplicate !!!!


Nico(from holland)

As usual she'll suprise us as always. That what I love about her. Everysingle made song has a special meaning for me. But for me personally would like to have some new ballads. Those songs gave me power in my darkest hours. I'll thank 1313 for that for ever.
I hope no rock songs/music anymore!!! That's not her thing. But come on it's Madge. It will be great.


every album is a surprise, that can only be done from a true QUEEN...can't wait!


I read that Dolly Parton wants to work with Madonna. Maybe this is a good chance.... I also would like to consider lyrics from unkown songwriters.....

Pablo Cancino

I think she is working in something about her personal life, she got divorced, she has had two boy toy lovers, she has 4 children, two movies, she visited Río, México City, Venice, she is 53, her daughter has grown, she is in her fifties, all these experiences has influenced her, but we all unknow what is in her heart and what she wants to express trough the music.
Definetely, anybody wants hip hop !


Madonna is at her best, creatively, when she's single, ESPECIALLY just after a difficult break-up (think Like A Prayer) or Ray of Light (though being a new mom inspired ROL a bit too). In short, this album is going to be AMAZING.


The news has already come out that it's not an RnB album, it's pop/dance. The first single Give Me All Your Love is a dance song, fun lyrics with a cheerleader theme.


Never mind what Orbit tweets or not, every time before she puts out a record, her people are like `it's going to be her best', 'the hottest' and so on. We can only wait & see for ourselves. I totally agree with Alex. There's more Madonna contained in one song, 'Celebration', than in the whole Hard Candy.


I agree, please, PLEASE no hip hop, rap, or RnB. Madonna is all and has always been about dance music. Confessions was so amazing, I wish she does something in the same direction again (I know she doesn't do the same thing twice, but I really hope for another great dance album). :)


MIA and N Minaj??? Please no rap/hip hop/RnB etc....that's not her and not what she is good at (sorry...) I didn't like her latest work and style(and how she tries hard to look young and follow the trend instead of being avant garde as she used to)
W Orbit is a very good choice though.
There was a time when we used to be very excited about Madonna releasing a new album -her new stytle,her hair color, what message she wanted to deliver, her videos etc- and we knew the music was going to be excellent. I really really miss that time...


Please, NO R&B or HIP HOP!!!


What can we expect but the BEST from our Madge? :)

William Orbit is on board, so the sound I expect is definitely electronic...maybe with a thump-thump hip-hop beat.

One thing that's been missing the last few albums and which , I hope, makes an appearance in this one - deep, meaningful lyrics. Enough of the bubblegum pop nursery rhymes, M!! How about some ballads???


somthing good something cool some slow music like ray of light confession

paul wolfe

i hope. there is no lyrics about waiting or hesitating or tick tock.
Be good if she started to make videos like she use to as well and not just infront of a blue screen. no groping yourself as you have made that point. you are the queen and that is because when you are good you are brilliant.

A bit of fun. Just good pop/dance tunes. my favourite albums have been ray of light and confessions, like a prayer.

Anibal Quiñones

Since Lady Gaga appears & Michael Jackson death, after that ...Now Madonna have the tittle of "Queen and King" of Pop !!! Its like all the world even Gaga's youg fans, now know about Madonna & love her & want to hear what she's going to do for her Glorius Comeback !!! J-lo, Byce, Gaga... and all the critics that thinks Madonna its over again !!! Like a Prayer 89 + Ray of Light98 + Confessions 2005 = Now 2012 "The Master Piece"...! Brace your Self for the Magic of Madonna !!!

The Lion

Perhaps one of the songs will be called Hot Hot Hot...


I have to say that I'm expecting AWARDS for this album. After having time and other projects in between to reflect,write & just be inspired...well, I think it's going to be one of her all time best albums. I can not begin imagining how happy all of Madonna's long-term fans will be. I expect instrospection and I expect something deeply spiritual yet sensual. I also expect a new hair color for this project?? Haha...maybe not but a change of hairstyle would be nice. Brunette?!


this is it! no one rules the queen the ultimate sound machine!


I dont even care what it contains.... She could put an opera song on it and i would like it. I have always been hardcore Madonna and appreciate that she continues to give us something!!!! Cannot wait!!

Juan Pablo

i'm expecting nothing shorter than amazing! this woman is the type of artist that even if she loses some fans in translations eventually we catch up. she's fantabulous!

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