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William Orbit tweets on new album!

William Orbit has been taking to Twitter this week to tweet his thoughts on working with Madonna on her new album:

'Madonna has phenomenal understanding of both the minutiae of music and the big picture. Zooming in, zooming out. 4ever amazing. AND VISION'

'Working with Madonna is a treat. Fantastic tracks and vibes. Going deep. She's ON IT !!! This is THE album!'

'No question in my mind. Jean Baptiste Kouame, greatest singer songwriter of our times. He is the future You’ll know why next year! And a fabulous human being too.


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Lately everything about Madonna has been about the clothing line and W. E. Finally some great news about what really makes Madonna the queen: her music!!! Can't wait!!!



L smith

The Depth of her music is superior than any of the wannabes out there. She will roar back like a she always does. The bottom-line is her music. Deep and soulful, and so easy to shake ur ass too. the wait continues.


I can't wait for this album and the 1st single to come out!!! it will be fantastic!


i have goose bumps..............


Can't wait!!!


Bring back a little stuey price and pat leonard to throw into the mix and we got one hell of a cocktail. Long live the Queen.

The Lion

I think something HUGE is coming up.


I just died and went to Heaven. I’m ecstatic. These 2 lines keep repeating in my head over and over: “Fantastic tracks and vibes. Going deep.” OMFG!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS


Yes indeed... This will be the Album... The album of the year if not of the century :-)


I simply cannot wait!
I love you Madonna xx

Teresa Gibson

Oh I do hope it's THE Album. It's been wayyyy too long since Hard Candy. Oh and the Smirnoff thing is a huge hint to a tour then 2012 will be a awesome year for fans.


OMG I cannot believe this! William Orbit and the new Madonna album. 14 years or so later! Goodness me! The pressure is on an the expectations are astronomic!

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