Madonna and Lola Want You!
William Orbit tweets on new album!


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L smith

haters are everywhere. sometimes....if there is happiness somewhere. rest assured someone out there wants to shit all over it. Madonna is a force you dont F with. just ask those hydrengeas.

Dean Ismail

yes i was there at the screening, and walked into the cinema when Madonna was talking to fans and press.
I remember seeing the people that appear to look like they are professional autograph gatherers - rather than genuine fan.
It's just a vibe i got - no real proof.
from my perspective, Madonna and fans were all in good spirits.
In the cinema, we stood for ages (standing ovation) after the film finishes.


she was nice wiht fans and amezing


Funny enough I didn't hear a single booed when I was there... If nit they were just boos of excitement :-)


The truth is that Madonna has received a long standing ovation for her excellent film and the real fans were very very happy.

The rest is bad UK press (in this case the the way stupid name for a paper if you consider that the telegraph was used in the 19th Century!)

Daniel Furii

His relevance?
All his stories are made up from the office he sits comfortably in

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