Madonna to perform in Israel 2012?
Latest pictures of Madonna in New York City

Tour announcement coming this month?

madonnalicious has learnt that a 2012 tour announcement from Live Nation may be released as early as this month.

The tour would start with New Zealand followed by several Australian dates (lets hope the tour finally gets down under this time!) The itinerary at this time also includes stadium venues in Europe and North America.

Negotiations are taking place to bring the tour to China, Taiwan and the Phillipines. Tour stops in UAE, Israel, South Korea and Japan are currently scheduled.


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With so many comments on this article, you can see how desperate Madonna fans in Australia and Asia are to have the Queen perform on these areas......




I always look forward to a Madonna fact I have seen her 11 times.............shame it gets more and more expensive every tour, I understand wanting to make money to satisfy contracts in place but if she charges £150 or more a ticket it would be nice not to have politics thrust at me, and only 2 or 3 classic hits (which is what we all want to hear as well as the new tracks). Come on Madonna we are struggling in the recession, if we stump up the cash make it worthwhile or I may have to go away for the weekend instead and catch up with it on DVD next year.


I hate stadium (i.e. sports arena) tours. They are cold, impersonal and, in my view, lazy on the part of the artiste/management (pack as many people in as possible, to do as few performances as possible). I also hate the fact that, if you buy 'general admission' (the funky new name for STANDING!) tickets, unless you take a day off work and queue, it's pointless. Even then, I am totally over standing and guarding my place on a pitch for hours and hours before the show starts!

Anyone who was seated at Wembley Stadium for Sticky and Sweet Part 2, will be aware of the dreadful problems there were with the sound, not to mention the screens being out of sync between image and sound.

As Madgey_GaGa has posted, I have also heard from a friend who is usually very reliable that The Emirates Stadium is booked on 3rd July 2012 for the London gig (which probably means 4th is also booked out. Wembley Stadium was reserved for M for two dates for Sticky and Sweet Part 2 but, of course, ticket sales did not meet expectations and the second date was never released). Since I live ten minutes away from the Stadium, I may be persuaded to go despite all I've just said LOL!

My bet is that the top price tickets for London will be a wallet-hurting £200... despite the world being in the worst economic state it's been in since the 1930s!

And I think you can say for sure that there WILL BE Australasian dates. After all, Live Nation launched in that region last year, which means I don't think M will ne able to get out of touring in that part of the world this time! ;-)

I just hope the album that precedes the tour is totally, utterly kick @ss!


Madonna should definitely drop by here in the Philippines. :) Here's one video that might give you the extra push that you need to come here. :) One of the best pep squads here did a tribute routine inspired by Madonna. :D
Check out this video,


from what i understand..she only choicing 1 dancer from smirnoff but..
when gonna be general big audition for the coming tour?

Robert King

Hope she is more committed to producing a good show. The last tour sucked. Hope her time keeping has improved, have more respect for your following Madge!!!!


zio ledeux, She hasn't danced less as time has went on...I mean I feel that if she was to be considered lazy in any of her tours it would have been in Drowned World. Her last three tours since then, she's done a lot of dancing. rommel maglaya, I agree. It seems if this is all true, we're only going to get one video for this album....


Madonna, what about Serbia and Switzerland


no mention of Turkey in the list of suggested dates...why??? Madonna has not performed her since 1993, Istanbul is a stable of most world class acts' tours nowadays. C'mon Madonna, Turkiye, lutfen!!!


Madonna's known the entire recording industry is in "free fall" for quite a while, not just her own sales, thus all of her touring. I'd rather see her live anyway. She's just being business smart so her shows will be better and better to keep drawing crowds for a live experience rather than watching other people's youtube postings or sharing her songs online.


Please, please, please come to New Zealand. We have waited for decades. You are still my most favourite artist. Please come way down under Madonna.




I was pretty excited about this tour until I heard that she was going to try and push stadiums in the US. Seriously? You want us to pay $350 to watch you on a football field? I don't think many Americans are going to go for that. I know this one isn't. Disgusting. The only stadium concerts I ever went to topped ticket prices out at $150. M doesn't get off the plane unless she'll make 3 or so million.


Sweden, please. :)


"cash poor is she?

Posted by: zio ledeux"

With M's record sales in freefall, and when the Live Nation deal was struck, a friend said "You'll now see Madonna tour at least every couple of years". He was correct.

Whatever the next tour is called, you can bet your/M's bottom dollar that it will be "so successful" (cash-wise, naturally, not necessarily critically) that it will be wheeled out for a second stint in 2013 a la Stick and Sweet Parts I & II.

Like it or not, M is getting older now and it is obvious that the nature of her tours WILL have to change. People will have to get used to less and less dancing from M (which was actually noticeable even in the transition between "The ReInvention Tour" and "The Confessions Tour") and more and more microphone-based staging. Not necessarily a bad thing, though. If the music continues to be great, then I really couldn't care less whether a mirror ball comes down on stage or not!


Yay I'm so excited!!!

rommel maglaya

Wow, please Madonna visit the Philippines!!!


Madonna... Please if you are touring do not neglect making videos for your new album... That is what has happened on the last two records and we do need some good rocking polemic videos from the Queen... So you can kick ass all the other wanna bees. Love


She needs to go to Australasia and Asia... They have waited for decades. She owes them.


I hope that the deal with the Philippine organizers pushes through!!!!


A very reliable source tells me that she has The Emirates Stadium booked for 3rd July for the London gig..... With a seated capacity of just over 60,000 plus the pitch, it could be a distinct possibility.

Kitin Lim


at last coming to the PHILIPINES my idol yehhheyy! i hope all the pilipino gays transgender save money for the ticket !!!!

zio ledeux

cash poor is she?

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