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Promoter: Madonna tour schedule a hoax

A leaked tour schedule revealing Australian tour dates for Madonna is a 'hoax', according to the singer's promoter Live Nation.
The itinerary, which appeared to be printed on the letterhead of Live Nation, was sent to fansite drownedmadonna.com, by an 'an unconfirmed insider', according to the website.
According to the document the superstar singer, who has never performed in Perth, was going to announce her world tour on October 31 and head Down Under in April.
She would then end her Australian leg of the tour in Perth, on April 24, at Patersons Stadium.
However, the company took to its Twitter page to hose down rumours of a tour saying: 'As much as we would love it to be real the Madonna article going around is a hoax.'
Rumours of a world tour have circulated ever since the singer announced she was working on a new album with her Ray of Light producer William Orbit.
Earlier this year vodka giant Smirnoff revealed they were working with Madonna to find backing dancers for a tour.

From au.news.yahoo.com


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I think that was clear right from the beginning! Good that they commented on it...

Ron D

Moncton has hosted U2, AC/DC, Rolling Stones so don't think this list is false because of that tour date!
I think there is more truth to this "leaked" info than they are willing to admit! With such low record sales, gone are the days of promoting an album for months and then touring. She will try to sell records while touring. Very innovative! Also this album and tour is the first of three in which she is contractually obligated to provide to Live Nation! The deal was inked in 2007 and this album release and tour will only begin in early 2012!She can't be prolonging this album and tour too much longer! At least I hope not as coincidentally I will be in many of the cities she is to be touring in and that would be a big disappointment! Looking forward to October 31st for the confirmed tour dates however!


I knew it was a fake. Moncton, New Brunswick? Really??


I'm so glad it's fake! First, New York was not listed which she would NEVER skip and second, I live in Atlanta and it would kill me to have to travel with no money or not go at all. So now I have hope and a chance she will come to Atlanta.


NO!! I wished it was real. She needs to come to Minneapolis!!! :'(


I desperatly want Madonna in Milan or Rome!!!!
Do not disappoint me my Queen

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