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Madonna to play Olympics gig in Hyde Park?

Madonna is to play a huge concert in London next year to coincide with the 2012 Olympics.
The 53-year-old singer will perform to 60,000 fans in Hyde Park next July when the UK capital will host the prestigious sporting event.
A source close to the singer, who recently took a break from music to direct new movie W.E, told The Sun newspaper: 'Madonna is planning a huge comeback and was determined to do it at Hyde Park while the Olympics are on.'
'She's been out of the limelight musically for a while but is ready to jump back into the saddle and thinks there's no better time to do it than when London hosts the Olympics.'

From thisislondon.co.uk - thanks to Brian


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It's gonna be great!


Bleurgh! I detest Nicky Minaj (a clown-like clothes horse), so I soooooooo hope this isn't true about them performing at 2012 Super Bowl!

Would be fab if M does play in London for the Olympics, though! Gold for Ms Ciccone! LOL


I posted it first yesterday.


she was on tour in 2009 how is this a comeback? the media sure waters down life. I liked it better when artists were NOT making albums every single year. the quality of music was much better.


Does anyone know if the rumors about Madge performing a song called "Give Me All Your Love" with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A at the 2012 Super Bowl are true?

Nicki Minaj's official website had a post about this a few days ago...

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