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Madonna and Lola Want You!

The mother-daughter duo released this highly informative (and pretty dang funny) video this morning as a way to launch their Material Girl Lucky Stars Model Search, in which they (or, you know, their people) will criss-cross the nation to scout out the new faces of their clothing line's spring 2012 collection.
The brand's former face - and E!'s own Fashion Police cohost - Kelly Osbourne will also lend a sartorial hand, and is heading up the celebrity panel of judges who'll hit up flagship Macys' across the country during their search, which kicks off Nov. 2.
In the meantime, enjoy this video: it's the only time you'll be able to see someone mouth off to Madonna and get away with it.

From E! Online


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Funny posts

Very wooden and embarrassing video. I much preferred her sketch with Guy years back, with her as 'The Missus'!


Love it!!!!! Madonna and Lola make a great team :) Love both of them!!!!!


Very wooden and embarrassing video. I much preferred her sketch with Guy years back, with her as 'The Missus'!


Absolutely fabulous

Pablo Cancino

I think Madonna tries to identify who exaclty she was when she started a carrier, why was she named Material Girl?, i think she pushed a nerve in a female society from a capitalist vision which was spread in the eighties Ronald Reagan/Margaret Tatcher music influence. There was some magic in her expresion, but now, why is her brother homeless while she is a millionare?, and why she does movies about the luxury world of the thirties? is fashion something really superficial and nasty? where is the art behind the "material girl" concept?
nobody knows, neither her


OMG...So FUNNY! Lola and Madonna are so much a like in the way they banter one another. Lola is so much Like her mother. It's so great and funny to watch the two of them talk and play off one another. Lola defintely is so much like her mother. Long live my Queen . Love you Madonna!

Juan Pablo

OMG! I LOVED this video hahaha. Had to tweet it. My friends loved it too. They must make more.


PMSL....Brilliant...This could be a show....


...."I love flowers--I don't love hydrangeas," that line had me dying laughing. :)

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