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It’s not easy being 'misunderstood on a global level' as Madonna remarked to a reporter over the weekend at the London premiere of her movie 'W.E.' The pop icon-turned-director was actually speaking about identifying with the heroine of her film, Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor. But she was having her own local misunderstandings just as she was talking.
Fans who had waited for hours to see Madonna were apparently angry that she didn’t spend more time on the red carpet. They booed her. Well, I’ve seen the crowd boo stars who stood twenty minutes outside - because they always want more, more, more. (Apparently, five fans out of several thousand were annoyed. As our London source tells us: 'They were totally hysterical for her, in a good way!')
The atmosphere was friendlier in the theater. 'W.E.' received a standing ovation and the audience - perhaps because they were Brits - seemed to pay keener, appreciative attention to the film, rather than dismiss it out of hand because of Madonna’s involvement. Madonna looked glamorous and appropriate in black velvet.
Unfortunately, her older brother, Anthony, has recently added to the 'global misunderstanding' of the star. The long-troubled Mr. Ciccone claims his entire family - father, stepmother and his seven other siblings - have turned their backs on him, allowing him to 'live under a bridge' in Michigan.
He gave an interview to a local newspaper, asked rhetorically 'Why am I homeless when my sister is a multi-millionaire?' Then he gave another interview in which he insisted he wanted nothing from her. (Naturally, he did not ask at any point, 'Why am I homeless when I have such a large family - aside from the rich one?')
Anthony should take a page - literally - from his brother Christopher’s book. Christopher is probably still living off the money he received for his tell-all about M. several years ago. If Anthony Ciccone is lucid enough to give interviews and remember who his famous sister is - and how much she is worth - he’s lucid enough to write it up and profit.

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The way that I see it, Lady Madonna is misunderstood because she is brilliant. She is a success story who made it from nothing and made something in her life-music, art, personality, emotion and humanity. If You Need It, Madonna's Got It! Madona Has Got a Good Heart because she has touched many fans' Hearts because of her art. She was the only member of the Ciccones who decided to be artistic-to sing, cry and write about her life. It's a shame that her father, Anthony and Christopher have said mean, rude and hurtful things about her-but in the end, Madonna will have the last laugh. She will Live to Tell. After all, it's her best song. Madonna Forever!


if youre whole family-including your father-turns their back on you-its usually with good reason.tony fired him from the family wine business.anthony hasnt actually said why he was fired or why theyve all abandoned him-but im sure it's not for nothing.xx


I suggest to everyone to give the maximum of publicity to this article because I am really desperated to see thatFOR NO REASON part of the press is so unfair with the Queen.

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