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Madonna And Jay-Z Creating Youtube Content

Madonna and Jay Z are to create their own video channels on as part of a new business venture to expand the website.
Bosses at the video-sharing site have shelled out over $100 million (£62.5 million) to dozens of producers to create fresh new content, and as part of the deal, both superstars have signed up to lend their support.
Other participants include actor Ashton Kutcher, Modern Family beauty Sofia Vergara, The Office star Rainn Wilson, Parks and Recreation actress Amy Poehler, former basketball star Shaquille O'Neal and skateboarding legend Tony Hawk.
Not much information has been disclosed about the various projects but Madonna will serve as a partner on the dance channel DanceOn and music mogul Jay Z will produce content related to his Life + Times website.
A number of the channels are set to premiere by the end of the year, with the rest debuting in 2012.


Madonna to play Olympics gig in Hyde Park?

Madonna is to play a huge concert in London next year to coincide with the 2012 Olympics.
The 53-year-old singer will perform to 60,000 fans in Hyde Park next July when the UK capital will host the prestigious sporting event.
A source close to the singer, who recently took a break from music to direct new movie W.E, told The Sun newspaper: 'Madonna is planning a huge comeback and was determined to do it at Hyde Park while the Olympics are on.'
'She's been out of the limelight musically for a while but is ready to jump back into the saddle and thinks there's no better time to do it than when London hosts the Olympics.'

From - thanks to Brian

W.E. Reignites a Love Affair With Heritage Luxury Brands

Madonna's sophomore directorial offering, W.E., might not have Hollywood in a complete frenzy, but it most definitely has the fashion world clamoring and bracing itself for a revival of classic and elegant heritage luxury brands such as Vionnet and MAINBOCHER.
A dear friend and fashion editor recently returned from an extended trip to Europe where she had the opportunity to see Madonna's film W.E., based on the love affair of Wallis Simpson and Prince Edward VIII at the Venice Film Festival (U.S. release Dec. 9, 2011).
I had been waiting with baited breath for her personal review, but she got sidetracked with her return by Milan and Paris fashion weeks. But she too, could not wait to inform me in her thick Italian accent, 'Madonna's film is a visual and stylistic masterpiece, darrrrllllling.' She described in great detail every pin-tuck, corset, pencil skirt and shade of Wallis blue she witnessed dance across the screen. When I interrupted to ask, 'But how was the film?' She quickly fanned the question away, and went straight back into her rant of 'deep red lips, Vionnet, elegance, a return, pleated bodices, and Mainbocher.'
As a designer, from the second I heard Madonna was interested in making a film about Wallis Simpson, I knew she would spend a great deal of time making sure the fashion in the film was an integral part of her storytelling. And sure enough, by all accounts, from festivals in Venice to Toronto - everyone agrees - the movie will definitely herald a turning point in the direction of fashion and it's relationship with film.
From the newly released trailer to the production photos, one can see Madonna and her long time style collaborator, Arianne Phillips, have paid close attention to the strict and rigid, yet romantic style of Wallis Simpson. Madonna's Wallis Simpson somehow seems much softer and fluid from the morsels of information I have been able to gather.
By all accounts, there is something endearing about the tragically flawed and vulnerable Wallis Simpson played by actress Andrea Riseborough and directed by Madonna. There is something extremely unique about capturing these qualities in a single character, a uniqueness I think will be of great credit to Ms. Ciccone's vision as a director and also Ms. Phillip's creativity as a costume designer.
I am also informed that Mrs. Simpson's plutonic love affair with the American born designer, Mainbocher, is definitely present in every frame. I don't think there has ever been a greater love story between designer and muse outside that of Audrey Hepburn and Givenchy. But I believe what separates the Mainbocher and Wallis Simpson love affair is that their union is rooted deeply in American sportswear and sensibility.
Whenever a story is told about the Duke and Duchess of Windsor or their sensationalized love affair, it is virtually impossible to separate them from their iconic wedding photo. Wallis Simpson dressed in the most elegant Mainbocher wedding gown, standing proudly next to the man that had just abdicated the throne of England to spend the rest of his life with the woman he loves. It's enough to make Mister GoLightly weep from the very thought of it - L'amour, L'amour, L'amour...
However, in Madonna's version of events the recently relaunched house of Vionnet plays a much larger role in the film. The fashion was such a huge part of the film that Harvey Nichols in London recently held an in-house installation of recreated archival pieces by the famed French designer, Madeline Vionnet.
In a recent interview with British Vogue, Vionnet's current president, Matteo Marzotto said, 'The film W.E. gave Vionnet such a wonderful opportunity to showcase the exquisite craftsmanship and skill of the house. We were thrilled to be considered for the project and it was so exciting to be part of such a lavish production that portrayed one of history's most intriguing women.'
With all the renewed interest in these classic heritage brands and the successful relaunch of Vionnet (currently sold in over 200 stores worldwide), it is no wonder the fashion rumor mill is churning about the revitalizing of the ultimate style sleeping beauty - MAINBOCHER. With all the amazing talent floating around these days one must wonder who they will put at the helm of this classic and prestigious brand (wink-wink).
Who knows, maybe if Madonna continues her love affair - borderline obsession - with Wallis Simpson and Mainbocher, we could see her funding or even co-designing the collection? We must remember that one of Madonna's most iconic fashion moments was her recreation of the Mainbocher Corset with famed photographer, Horst. Who knows anything in this crazy world of fashion these days? But thanks to the Material Girl there is one thing we know for sure - the world is about to get a lot more elegant, sophisticated and yes - very, very romantic.

By Malcolm Harris / Huffington Post

William Orbit tweets on new album!

William Orbit has been taking to Twitter this week to tweet his thoughts on working with Madonna on her new album:

'Madonna has phenomenal understanding of both the minutiae of music and the big picture. Zooming in, zooming out. 4ever amazing. AND VISION'

'Working with Madonna is a treat. Fantastic tracks and vibes. Going deep. She's ON IT !!! This is THE album!'

'No question in my mind. Jean Baptiste Kouame, greatest singer songwriter of our times. He is the future You’ll know why next year! And a fabulous human being too.

Madonna and Lola Want You!

The mother-daughter duo released this highly informative (and pretty dang funny) video this morning as a way to launch their Material Girl Lucky Stars Model Search, in which they (or, you know, their people) will criss-cross the nation to scout out the new faces of their clothing line's spring 2012 collection.
The brand's former face - and E!'s own Fashion Police cohost - Kelly Osbourne will also lend a sartorial hand, and is heading up the celebrity panel of judges who'll hit up flagship Macys' across the country during their search, which kicks off Nov. 2.
In the meantime, enjoy this video: it's the only time you'll be able to see someone mouth off to Madonna and get away with it.

From E! Online

Fan Pictures: W.E. Gala Screening - Part 6

madonnalicious reader Attila sent in these great pictures of Madonna after the screening of W.E. at the London Film Festival.

I attended the Gala Screening of W.E. on Sunday 23 October at the Empire Cinema London! We were sitting in the 7th row of the stalls but at the end of the film I quickly sneaked to the row where the cast were sitting and managed to take some close pictures of Madonna standing face-to-face in front of her!

Check back tomorrow for video clips that Attila filmed of Madonna's Q&A session.

Madonna bustier auctioned for £45,000

Madonna's iconic black bustier has sold at auction for £45,000.
The custom-made piece - created by Los Angeles-based store Trashy Lingerie - was worn with fishnet tights by the singer during her 1987 'Who's That Girl' tour, and went under the hammer in China for way above its pre-sale estimate of £4,000 to £5,000.
Previously displayed at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio and The Frederick's of Hollywood Museum in Los Angeles, the garment was sold by Beverly Hills-based auctioneers Julien's Auctions at the Ponte resort in Macau, China, alongside 23 other pieces of Madonna memorabilia.
Among the other items on sale were a signed copy of the star's risque 1992 'Sex' book and a recording of the song 'Simon Says' alongside her band Emmy and the Emmy's, with the auction drawing in a total of over £62,000.
Darren Julien, owner of Julien's Auctions, said: 'When you're buying these things, you're buying a memory.'
The outfit was specially selected for Madonna's first world tour - which took place 24 years ago - by her stylist and costume designer Marlene Stewart.
She said at the time: 'The most important ingredients are the crop top, the bare midriff, a hip-hugger skirt or pants and lingerie straps showing under your top.'


Liz Smith on boos and brothers

It’s not easy being 'misunderstood on a global level' as Madonna remarked to a reporter over the weekend at the London premiere of her movie 'W.E.' The pop icon-turned-director was actually speaking about identifying with the heroine of her film, Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor. But she was having her own local misunderstandings just as she was talking.
Fans who had waited for hours to see Madonna were apparently angry that she didn’t spend more time on the red carpet. They booed her. Well, I’ve seen the crowd boo stars who stood twenty minutes outside - because they always want more, more, more. (Apparently, five fans out of several thousand were annoyed. As our London source tells us: 'They were totally hysterical for her, in a good way!')
The atmosphere was friendlier in the theater. 'W.E.' received a standing ovation and the audience - perhaps because they were Brits - seemed to pay keener, appreciative attention to the film, rather than dismiss it out of hand because of Madonna’s involvement. Madonna looked glamorous and appropriate in black velvet.
Unfortunately, her older brother, Anthony, has recently added to the 'global misunderstanding' of the star. The long-troubled Mr. Ciccone claims his entire family - father, stepmother and his seven other siblings - have turned their backs on him, allowing him to 'live under a bridge' in Michigan.
He gave an interview to a local newspaper, asked rhetorically 'Why am I homeless when my sister is a multi-millionaire?' Then he gave another interview in which he insisted he wanted nothing from her. (Naturally, he did not ask at any point, 'Why am I homeless when I have such a large family - aside from the rich one?')
Anthony should take a page - literally - from his brother Christopher’s book. Christopher is probably still living off the money he received for his tell-all about M. several years ago. If Anthony Ciccone is lucid enough to give interviews and remember who his famous sister is - and how much she is worth - he’s lucid enough to write it up and profit.

From - thanks to Alex

Fan Pictures: W.E. Gala Screening - Part 5

STREZ shares his W.E. London Film Festival screening experience and pictures with madonnalicious readers:

The day started by fans gathering behind the set up barrier all the way from the early hours of the morning.
I had arrived rather late, 2pm, but still managed to get a spot right out the front of the barrier. But then came the dilemma; stay behind the barrier to watch 'The Queen' arrive and see her for the first time in the flesh, or, line up at the other cinema down the road to purchase last minute tickets to the movie when they would go on sale 30 minutes before the movie started. So I made an executive decision and stayed where I was, I figured I would watch the movie later and that seeing me life long idol was most important.
Luckily for me someone was selling tickets to the movie at cost price so I quickly nabbed the 'seven rows from the front' ticket and continued now not only to see the queen Madonna but to also go join her to watch her movie.
As soon as she stepped out of the car and on to the red carpet the crowd went wild! Everyone wanted a piece of her as she tried to move between signing autographs for fans and doing interviews for the press. The BFI security originally told us all that no one would be allowed on the carpet when the celebrities where arriving so those with tickets would have to wait right till the end to enter the auditorium. But the security were obviously NOT doing their job and even as the super star Madonna arrived, they were letting the general public walk the red carpet to the cinema.
The fans that had been patiently waiting behind the barrier where getting well angry as ticket holders on the carpet where crowding around Madonna to get a snap and blocking all view. In the end it became too crowded that they ushered Madonna straight into the cinema to which the fans replied with a loud boo.
Inside the 3500 seat auditorium Madonna came to the front and introduced the movie and some of the cast. As she adjusted the microphone stand she said 'You guys obviously think I'm shorter than I am'. I was only 7 rows from the front, watching my life long Idol talk candidly to the crowd. It was so surreal and so nice to have her in a quiet and intimate setting. She then took her seat in the middle of the auditorium and proceeded to watch the movie with us all (I would occasionally think of this and smile, I was chilling and watching a movie with my girl).
The moment the credits started to roll the crowd rose to a long and loud standing novation.
Afterwards she came back down to the front and had a question and answer session on the film with the artistic director of the BFI.
The movie was beautifully filmed from start to finish. The story was captivating, a little rushed at times I felt, got slightly confusing with the cutting back and forth especially if you weren't too familiar with the story of the Duke and Duchess. But in the end it all came together and made sense, and the reason for the modern day story that was interweaved with the story of the Duke and Duchess became quite important and necessary.
Ultimately it was a story about love and the struggles to make it work, which I think everyone can relate to. And also, as Madonna herself described, its about not judging something or someone on what you have heard but about doing as much research of your own as possible, realising there is always more than one side of the story, and that everyone's side of the story and how it made them feel is just as important.
It was a brilliant night, a truely great movie and a wonderful first meeting with my queen, Madonna.

Fan Pictures: W.E. Gala Screening - Part 4

madonnalicious reader Jamie Burgess was at the Gala Screening of W.E. in London at the weekend and shares his experience with our readers:

Just thought I'd share a couple of my picture as I was lucky enough to arrive on the red carpet the same time as Madonna. It was chaos and trying to get pictures was a nightmare with all the bouncers pushing ticket holders in to the venue. But overall it was a spectacular night and she looked amazing!

Madonna distressed by stalker, court hears

Madonna has told a court of how she was left 'alarmed and distressed' after a man broke into her London home.
In a statement, the singer said she feared for her children's safety when Grzegorz Matlok, 30, managed to get into her house in March.
A judge ordered the Polish national to be detained indefinitely in a psychiatric hospital, as he posed a serious risk to the singer.
He is also banned from going within 100 metres of any of Madonna's properties.
Mr Matlok broke into the singer's house after smashing a window and using a rope and scaffolding to enter the property through a first floor window.
He was found to have rifled through Madonna's bedclothes before stealing a can of Red Bull from the kitchen, where he was discovered by film director Nathan Rissman.
A map with a large 'M' scrawled over Madonna's home and a bag containing a safety knife, nail scissors, a coach ticket from Poland and Matlok's passport were found in a bag outside the property.
Mr Matlock, who travelled to England from Poland three days prior to the incident, later told police that the singer had given him permission to stay at the property.
A year previously, he had sneaked into the Wiltshire estate Madonna used to share with her ex-husband Guy Ritchie and was caught putting on his clothes.
In her statement, Madonna said: 'I do not know the defendant, I've not had any form of relationship with the defendant nor have I had any form of contact by phone or by email, or by any other way, with the defendant.'
'In particular I've never given the defendant permission to enter the premises or any of my other premises.'
'It is extremely unsettling to know that, despite the extensive security I have, he has been able to break into two of my residential properties.'
'I'm worried about my children's safety as well as the safety of my staff.'

The court heard that Mr Matlok suffered from 'delusions that Madonna loved him' but, according to consultant psychiatrist Dr Nadji Kahtan, his schizophrenia could be controlled by medication.
In making her ruling at Southwark Crown Court, judge Deborah Taylor told Mr Matlok: 'It is the view of the doctors' that if you fail to take medication you pose a risk to Madonna Ciccone of real harm.'

From BBC News

Fan Pictures: W.E. Gala Screening - Part 2

madonnalicious reader George Green (icongeorge on Icon) also attended the Gala Screening of W.E. and shares his experience and pictures with our readers:

I went down to Leicester Square at around mid day to find a few of Madonna's fans waiting outside while the barriers were starting to be put in place. The W.E. signs were up in place over the Empire Cinema and already excitement was kicking in!
When I returned later after some lunch and local drinks we walked the red carpet and spoke to many Iconers and Madonna related friends. It was more like an Icon get together in all honesty, was great to see so many familiar faces and those I have spoken to but not actually met! Just as we walked past the photographers and the huge crowd of spectators Madonna’s car arrived so we were ushered in!
Once inside I made my way to my seat which was the back row of the stalls R28. I could not believe that the row behind me, in the seat directly behind me, was where Madonna was to sit! Her name printed on paper attached to the seat. Was so excited to think I am able to share this moment with Madonna at such a special event.
Everyone took their seats and with a brief introduction to the stage Madonna made her entrance. Madonna then went on to introduce the movie before taking her seat. My favorite Madonna moment of the night occurred once Madonna was seated when a fan seated behind her shouted out something relating to the Lady GaGa comparison to which Madonna responded 'Lady Who?!' I thought great response!
The movie In my opinion did not deserve the bad reports it has received of late. To me the negative reports seem to focus more on the fact that Madonna is involved rather than the movie itself. I loved the filming technique, it was shot beautifully and the crossover of stories between Wallace and Wally worked alongside each other. I personally warmed more to the storyline of Wally more so than that of Edward and Wallace Simpson, and thought Abbie Cornish’s acting was flawless and made the movie for me.
The soundtrack was excellent and overall the whole production is something Madonna should be proud of. It was worthy of the standing ovation at the end of the screening. After applauding Madonna I managed to take a few photos to share with you all.
Madonna concluded the screening with a 15 minute Q&A session hosted by a London Film Festival spokeswoman/representative before leaving the venue. All in all I had a great night, really enjoyed the movie and it was great to spend a night at a Madonna event outside of musical performance. In addition to this I was able to meet and hang out with other Madonna fans which always makes these events much more enjoyable.

'Madonna was true to her own vision'

The critics have been sharply divided, but members of the public will soon be able to make their own mind up about Madonna's timehopping royal drama W.E.
At the UK premiere of the movie at the London Film Festival, Digital Spy spoke to the film's stars Richard Coyle, Andrea Riseborough and Katie McGrath.
'You've got that moment of 'It's Madonna',' McGrath said of working with the pop superstar. 'But 30 seconds in, she's so focused, she's so committed to the film that you forget it. You realise that it's a director working with an actor.'
'There's the initial thing of oh my God, she's standing in front of you, and then it goes away very, very quickly. And in a way, thank God, because I don't think I could have done it!'
Coyle added: 'I have immense respect for the way she directed this film. She was very particular, very driven and very true to her own vision. I have a lot of respect for that.'
Riseborough said: 'It's always incredible working with every different director because they bring so much of who they are as a person to their directing style.'
W.E. opens in the UK on January 20 and in the US on December 9.

From Digital Spy

Fan Pictures: W.E. Gala Screening - Part 1

madonnalicious reader David Varkonyi was at the gala screening of W.E. in London last night and sent in these pictures from the event and this report:

Given Madonna's history with cinematic flops and really not liking Filth and Wisdom I didn't expect much from this movie...Was really surprised that W.E. actually IS an excellent movie! Surely will get some kind of Oscar nomination, Andrea Riseborough might get a nod for best actress, she is great in it, Madonna might get best screenplay or movie or even director nomination. It comes out the end of January, an awful long wait, but it IS worth it! It is that good!

Who needs Lady Gaga?... Lady who?

madonnalicious reader Niall sent in his report from the gala screening of W.E. at the Empire Leicester Square last night:

Just thought I’d update you on my experience at the W.E. premiere last night.
I arrived at the same time as Madonna and was literally walking the red carpet behind her as she did lots of press interviews and chatted briefly to fans. Her trusty publicist Liz Rosenberg was at her side guiding her through the vast amount of press and photographers. Her manager Guy Oseary was also present and said hello to me. Madonna looked radiant but still very short in her high heels, it was hard to see her at times with all the attention swirling around her.
Once inside the huge 3,500 seater auditorium we took our seats. Posh mineral water and bars of Green & Blacks chocolate was laid out on every seat for people to enjoy. Madonna entered and the crowd went nuts. She stood up front and introduced the film and spoke a little about it and then introduced its stars. She then took her seat some five rows in front of me and as she did someone shouted 'You look gorgeous Madonna', to which Madonna elegantly smiled.
Another voice then shouted out 'Who needs Lady Gaga?' to which Madonna laughed and said 'Lady who?'
After the movie (which Madonna sat in her seat next to Guy for the entire time) she went back up front and did a question and answer session with the Artistic Director of the BFI and was very warm, witty and friendly.
All in all a pretty fabulous night!

Madonna 'nervous' at her film's London screening

Madonna admitted to an attack of nerves as she brought her new film W.E. to the UK to be screened at the BFI London Film Festival.
The 53-year-old singer - who co-wrote and directed the film - greeted fans on the red carpet at the Empire in London's Leicester Square.
She has already shown the film at the Venice Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival, but revealed she felt under pressure showing it in Britain last night.
'It's slightly nerve-wracking because it's about a British king, it's predominantly filmed in Britain, it's a British production, most of my actors are English and I know the British can be tough critics. But I hope they like it.'
The film, the second feature directed by the superstar singer, looks at the romance between Wallis Simpson (Andrea Riseborough) and Edward VIII (James D'Arcy), which led to the monarch's abdication, as well as a parallel modern-day romance.
The controversial passion between the king and extravagant socialite Wallis is told through the eyes of a lonely modern-day New Yorker, desperately seeking the fairytale happy ending that she believes the famous couple had.
Made In Dagenham star Riseborough and Secret Diary of a Call Girl's D'Arcy attended the BFI London Festival screening along with co-stars Laurence Fox and Richard Coyle.
The cast all agreed that Madonna was a very precise director who paid great attention to detail.
Riseborough, 29, said: 'She was extraordinary, because she was very prepared and passionate about the piece and that's what excited me when I first met her.'
D'Arcy revealed: 'As a director Madonna is about as prepared a person I've ever worked with.'
'Reams and reams of research she'd done. She gave me so many books and every single page was underlined, and if it wasn't underlined it was highlighted, and if it wasn't highlighted there was a post-it note on it.'

From AFP Via Yahoo! News

Nile Rodgers' Memoir Features Madonna's Early Diva Days

'Le Freak,' out this week, chronicles the Chic singer and mega-producer's rags-to-riches rise with colorful anecdotes about David Bowie, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson and other stars of the time.
With his band Chic and later on his own, Nile Rodgers helped define the sound of the late 1970s and early 1980s. From songs like 'Le Freak' and 'Good Times,' which he co-wrote with longtime musical partner Bernard Edwards, to seminal albums by David Bowie (Let’s Dance), Madonna (Like A Virgin) and Diana Ross (Diana), all multi-platinum smashes he produced, few modern-day musicians can claim a professional past so storied, much of it experienced under the ever-present haze of drugs and alcohol.
Among the many recording studio anecdotes was one detailed recounting of Rodgers' time working with Madonna on her 1984 breakout album, Like A Virgin. 'Madonna's superintense let's-get-down-to-business attitude sometimes rubbed people the wrong way,' he writes. 'One day, Madonna's insult slinging went too far. Our assistant had the temerity to go to the bathroom, and she freaked out on him.... 'Where the fuck is he going?' she said loudly enough that he could clearly hear.
Unsatisfied, that she's made her point, she then let off a fusillade from her usual arsenal of one-liners: 'Time is money, and the money is mine.'' Rodgers confronted the would-be pop star and the argument turned so heated, he quit the record for what would turn out to be 'the shortest producer strike in history.'

For more visit

Madonna stylist praises Wallis Simpson

Madonna's stylist says Wallis Simpson was 'one of the best students of fashion'.
Arianne Phillips is an Oscar nominated costume designer for her work on films including the Johnny Cash biopic Walk The Line, and Tom Ford's A Single Man.
She has also been Madonna's stylist for years.
Madonna decided there was no one better to design the costumes for her new film W.E.
W.E. follows the life of Wallis Simpson, an American woman famous for causing Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor to abdicate the throne so he could marry her.
Arianne was inspired by Wallis's style.
'She was sexy in a painful way; a painful sexiness,' she explained to British newspaper The Telegraph. 'The clothes she wore were austere, but sensual. It was the movement of her body that made her attractive - she was like a perfume, or the way a veil moves - like a ghost almost. We use clothes to erase our mistakes and to highlight what we like; Wallis is one of the best students of fashion school in that way.'

From Belfast Telegraph

Madonna dances at Dream Downtown

Madonna hit the dance floor at PH-D at Dream Downtown Saturday night with a group including her young boyfriend, Brahim Zaibat. The singer - who wore a black trench coat with leather biker cut-off gloves, and a red and black plaid shirt - arrived at midnight with three men, but later, two model-type girls and four boys joined the group. After the group got bigger, 'Madonna seemed to loosen up and started to dance. She looked like she was having a good time,' said a source. They ordered a bottle of vodka and two bottles of Krug Rose, before Madonna left the club before 2 a.m. with Zaibat and her security guard.


Madonna Parties with Banderas At Premiere

Madonna reunited with Antonio Banderas on Thursday 13 October when she made a surprise appearance at the premiere party for his new movie The Skin I Live In.
The Spanish actor and director Pedro Almodovar celebrated the release of the thriller at New York cocktail bar Double Seven, where Madonna stopped by to congratulate Banderas, 20 years after she flirted with him in her documentary film Madonna: Truth or Dare.
The pop superstar turned up to the event with her model boyfriend Brahim Zaibat and her ex-lover Carlos Leon, the father of her daughter Lourdes.
Other guests at the bash included designers Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta and Calvin Klein, rocker Debbie Harry and actors Alan Cumming, Jason Momoa and his wife Lisa Bonet, according to the New York Post's Page Six column.


Events: Madonna Aid @ Bollox, Manchester

Bollox in Manchester, an alternative gay night which doesn't cater to the typical Canal Street crowd will be hosting MADONNA AID on Friday 21 October. This is a special night with the aim of 'reclaiming the gays' from Lady Gaga (it's all very tongue in cheek) and a protest on Canal Street at 10:00pm.

Bollox Club presents Madonna Aid
Legends Nightclub, Whitworth Street, Manchester
Friday 21 October
£3, 11:00pm - 3:0030am

More at and

Liz Rosenberg declares tour list is a 'fake'

On Oct. 3, word broke that she was supposedly going to perform at the Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show in February. (Madonna's publicist, Liz Rosenberg, said 'there is nothing to confirm or deny at this time.') Now, fan sites having been chattering about an alleged world tour, due to begin in March.
The statement on what appeared to be Live Nation letterhead listed alleged tour dates for a tour that would take Madonna on a tour of at least four continents, beginning in Auckland, New Zealand.
Contacted by Billboard, Rosenberg said the dates and press release are 'fake.'
Now, let's get back to guessing about what Madonna may perform at the Super Bowl. At least that rumor hasn't been shot down entirely yet.


Madonna: Truth or Dare Heading to Blu-ray

Lionsgate Films have revealed that they are planning to release on Blu-ray Alek Keshishian and Mark Aldo Miceli's Madonna: Truth or Dare a.k.a In Bed with Madonna (1991).
The exact technical specs, region coding status, and special features to be included on this release are unknown at the moment. However, Madonna: Truth or Dare is expected to hit retail shelves in January 2012.

From / - thanks to Gianfranco

Promoter: Madonna tour schedule a hoax

A leaked tour schedule revealing Australian tour dates for Madonna is a 'hoax', according to the singer's promoter Live Nation.
The itinerary, which appeared to be printed on the letterhead of Live Nation, was sent to fansite, by an 'an unconfirmed insider', according to the website.
According to the document the superstar singer, who has never performed in Perth, was going to announce her world tour on October 31 and head Down Under in April.
She would then end her Australian leg of the tour in Perth, on April 24, at Patersons Stadium.
However, the company took to its Twitter page to hose down rumours of a tour saying: 'As much as we would love it to be real the Madonna article going around is a hoax.'
Rumours of a world tour have circulated ever since the singer announced she was working on a new album with her Ray of Light producer William Orbit.
Earlier this year vodka giant Smirnoff revealed they were working with Madonna to find backing dancers for a tour.


'Madonna has the same celebrity staying power as Marilyn'

Harvey Weinstein says Marilyn Monroe's future would have looked a lot like Madonna. At Sunday's world premiere of the Weinstein Co.'s 'My Week With Marilyn,' which stars Michelle Williams as the late film icon, we asked Weinstein to name a modern celebrity whose fame will be as lasting. Weinstein responded with her Madgesty's name.
'She's the most extraordinary modern celebrity that we have,' Weinstein said at the Dior-sponsored premiere, adding: 'Madonna is Marilyn Monroe with women's emancipation.' We think he makes a viable point, but we should also point out that the marketing-savvy Weinstein is also releasing Madonna's sophomore directorial attempt, 'W.E.,' on Dec. 9.


Tour announcement coming this month?

madonnalicious has learnt that a 2012 tour announcement from Live Nation may be released as early as this month.

The tour would start with New Zealand followed by several Australian dates (lets hope the tour finally gets down under this time!) The itinerary at this time also includes stadium venues in Europe and North America.

Negotiations are taking place to bring the tour to China, Taiwan and the Phillipines. Tour stops in UAE, Israel, South Korea and Japan are currently scheduled.

Madonna to perform in Israel 2012?

Two years after rocking Tel Aviv's Yarkon Park with two concerts, Madonna may be returning to Israel as early as next year.
Madonna's new album is expected to be released on March 2012. Its first single will be released in the beginning of the year.
The concert tour, which will be launched immediately after the album's release, will be sponsored by Smirnoff Vodka under the banner, 'Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange.' As part of the cooperation with the brand, a contest will be held between 50 countries asked to select a dancer to present the country's culture and nightlife.
Israel is among the 50 participating countries, and Madonna is expected to cooperate with an Israeli dancer. However, the contest does not guarantee that the singer will perform in each of the countries the dancers come from.
Meanwhile, Ynet has learned that talks are being held to bring Madonna back to Israel. According to a source associated with the international production, the requested date is April 2012.
Madonna's last concerts in Israel were produced by Shuki Weiss together with international concert manager Marek Lieberberg, who will also be in charge of the singer's next tour.
The Queen of Pop performed in Israel on September 1-2, 2009, in two concerts which concluded her Sticky & Sweet tour.
Shuki Weiss' office declined comment.


UK TV: Madonna Superfans Wanted!

Are you Madonna's biggest fan? Are you dedicated to your idol? Do you have memorabilia and/or go to Madonna's tours and public engagements? If so, we want you.

TV production company Knickerbockerglory are looking for UK based Madonna Superfans for a new series on the Discovery channel.

If you're interested please email [email protected] along with any info as to why you are a Madonna superfan.

Madonna's 'W.E.' gets January UK release date

Madonna's new movie W.E. has been confirmed for a UK release early next year.
W.E., the music icon's second outing behind the camera after 2008's Filth and Wisdom, will open in cinemas on January 12, 2012 through StudioCanal.
Andrea Riseborough, James d'Arcy, Oscar Isaac and Abbie Cornish star in W.E., a drama that plays out over two timelines to show the affair between King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson and a contemporary romance between a married woman and a Russian security guard.
The London Film Festival will host the UK premiere of W.E. on Sunday, October 23 at the Empire Leicester Square.

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Madonna, NFL in Talks for Super Bowl Halftime Gig

Rumors earlier this week of a Madonna performance during the Super Bowl halftime show may not be so far-fetched. The pop star and the NFL are in discussions to arrange for exactly that, though the details remain to be resolved, The New York Times' ArtsBeat blog reports, citing 'a person familiar with the talks.'
While neither side is commenting on the discussions, they're not doing much to dampen speculation, either. 'I can not announce that this is a done deal at this time,' Madonna spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg told the Times. 'I can not give you an official confirmation.'
On Monday, the sports website SB Nation reported that Madonna would perform at Super Bowl XLVI. The report cited 'sources close to the event,' which takes place on February 5 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.
For Madonna, the timing makes sense. Though the Material Girl hasn't released a proper album since 2008's Hard Candy, she has been working on new recordings, according to her manager Guy Oseary. In a post last month on Twitter, Oseary said: 'She's in the studio all this week...and the music is so goooooooood...'


Liz Rosenberg comments on Super Bowl show

Football isn't exactly the expected venue for vogue-ing, but all that could change come Super Bowl XLVI.
Madonna is rumored to be the featured performer at the big event at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on Feb. 5, according to sources close to the event who spoke to SB Nation. The NFL declined to comment to SB Nation, and Madonna rep Liz Rosenberg tells me that she 'can not officially confirm at this time.'
Not wanting to confirm until the ultimate last minute might be a wise move on everyone's part: Madonna has twice before (Super Bowls XXXIII and XXXV) been reportedly close to performing, only to have her appearance fall through at the last minute.

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Madonna To Perform At Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show?

Madonna will perform during the Super Bowl XLVI halftime show at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on February 5, sources close to the event told on Monday. A spokesperson for the NFL declined to comment.
As you'd expect for an artist with her mass appeal, this isn't the first time Madonna's been approached about performing at the Super Bowl. In 1998, it was heavily rumored that Madonna would perform at Super Bowl XXXIII in Miami, only to have the plans fall apart before a deal could be reached. Likewise, Madonna was reportedly to headline the halftime show for Super Bowl XXXV, two years later, but backed out at the last minute.
The Super Bowl and its halftime show will be televised live on NBC on February 5th, 2012. Stay tuned for further comments from Madonna and/or the NFL as the news emerges.

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Material Girl Turns 1!

Most people don’t remember their first birthday party. But for Material Girl designer Lourdes Leon the occasion - her brand’s first birthday - was unforgettable.
'It feels so great,' she told PEOPLE recently during the bash at Macy’s in New York. 'I never thought it would get this big and it makes me really proud, and my mom is really proud, too.'
Mom Madonna has said she lets Leon do 'most of the work,' but the brand’s face, Kelly Osbourne, says the superstar singer contributes, too. '[Leon] and Madonna do everything and that really reflects in the styles you see coming down the catwalk ... it makes me really proud as well, because the line just keeps getting better and better,' she told PEOPLE.
The collaboration between the Osbournes and Madonna’s family is stylishly in sync; in fact, the material girls said they find inspiration in each other. 'Definitely Kelly, and my mom definitely inspires me,' Lourdes said when asked about her style icons. 'She’s just crazy when it comes to her fashion sense.' Osbourne echoes that sentiment. 'I actually learned a lot from my mother and growing up watching Madonna.'
And these days, Madonna doesn’t just influence her daughter - she shares her clothes. Or tries to. 'My mom doesn’t fit into my shoes, so sucks for her,' Leon joked. 'She’s like, ‘Oh damn, this doesn’t fit on my feet.’ I’m like, ‘Oh really? That’s too bad!’'
But she is happy to take advice from her mother, especially when it comes to personal style. 'We sort of balance each other out. I feel like I could work on it, and she does the same for me,' Leon said. 'We both give each other fashion tips.'