W.E. Drinks Reception at Claridges
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Fan Pictures: W.E. Gala Screening - Part 2

madonnalicious reader George Green (icongeorge on Icon) also attended the Gala Screening of W.E. and shares his experience and pictures with our readers:

I went down to Leicester Square at around mid day to find a few of Madonna's fans waiting outside while the barriers were starting to be put in place. The W.E. signs were up in place over the Empire Cinema and already excitement was kicking in!
When I returned later after some lunch and local drinks we walked the red carpet and spoke to many Iconers and Madonna related friends. It was more like an Icon get together in all honesty, was great to see so many familiar faces and those I have spoken to but not actually met! Just as we walked past the photographers and the huge crowd of spectators Madonna’s car arrived so we were ushered in!
Once inside I made my way to my seat which was the back row of the stalls R28. I could not believe that the row behind me, in the seat directly behind me, was where Madonna was to sit! Her name printed on paper attached to the seat. Was so excited to think I am able to share this moment with Madonna at such a special event.
Everyone took their seats and with a brief introduction to the stage Madonna made her entrance. Madonna then went on to introduce the movie before taking her seat. My favorite Madonna moment of the night occurred once Madonna was seated when a fan seated behind her shouted out something relating to the Lady GaGa comparison to which Madonna responded 'Lady Who?!' I thought great response!
The movie In my opinion did not deserve the bad reports it has received of late. To me the negative reports seem to focus more on the fact that Madonna is involved rather than the movie itself. I loved the filming technique, it was shot beautifully and the crossover of stories between Wallace and Wally worked alongside each other. I personally warmed more to the storyline of Wally more so than that of Edward and Wallace Simpson, and thought Abbie Cornish’s acting was flawless and made the movie for me.
The soundtrack was excellent and overall the whole production is something Madonna should be proud of. It was worthy of the standing ovation at the end of the screening. After applauding Madonna I managed to take a few photos to share with you all.
Madonna concluded the screening with a 15 minute Q&A session hosted by a London Film Festival spokeswoman/representative before leaving the venue. All in all I had a great night, really enjoyed the movie and it was great to spend a night at a Madonna event outside of musical performance. In addition to this I was able to meet and hang out with other Madonna fans which always makes these events much more enjoyable.


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