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New album confirmed for Spring 2012

In an interview with Sweden's Sveriges Television (SVT) Madonna confirmed that her new single would be released February/March 2012 with a new album following in the Spring 2012.

Madonna confirmed that she 'started a little bit of work in the studio' for the album and will continue recording in 'New York, until the end of the year'.

Madonna also didn't feel the need to correct the interviewer when he mentioned how she was re-teaming with producer William Orbit!



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keith castellano

i new it was a matter of time in 2009 , i predicted around 2011 a new i was a year off lol.. but yea , i cant wait for the tour thats what i thrive from , her life acts.


Hmmmm. Madonna going back to a formula that worked? May not be such a good thing. So much for reinvention, M!

Still, it's not likely to be mock R 'n' B like the disaster that was 'Hard Candy', so it can't all be bad!


Madonna! Can't wait for the album! She looked awesome in the interview!

I'm having a release party!


I am absolutely static... Madonna and Orbit! Finally she listened to some of us. I really hope it will be as artistic, personal, deep and glorious as Ray Of Light.

I simply can not believe it, can not wait!


Yeah, I have a feeling it's gonna be a bit later than she says. It always take FOREVER for her to release then, but as was stated if we get something Ray of Light/ Confessions quality it will be worth it.


Ok, this are very good news. I was afraid that she would rush the work in the recording studio to release a mediocre album as soon as possible, but she’s taking 5 to 6 months to work on this album which can only mean that she’s really trying to create a serious album with good quality music. When she takes her time to make the best album possible she delivers the greatest albums of pop music (Like a Prayer, Erotica, Ray of Light, etc) This are very good news. PLUS working with William Orbit again: AWESOME.


I am so glad that we now know of a time when we can expect an album for M. I am so excited! The album will probably come out in May or something...

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