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Sorry, hydrangeas: Madonna’s just not that crazy for you. Just days after a video of Madonna dismissing a bouquet of hydrangeas from a fan went viral, a rep has released a statement regarding the floral spurn, which occurred at the Venice Film Festival.
Said the rep in a statement to CNN: 'She’s entitled to like any flower she wants and she didn’t want to hurt the feeling of the hydrangeas of the world...No disrespect to the hydrangeas lovers of the world but she prefers different types of flowers.'

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Lana Thompson

I agree. No one cares that she said she didn't like hydrangeas. It's the fact that she was so blatantly rude about a gift that someone really thought she might like. Like a little 5 year old that didn't get the doll they asked for from an elderly aunt. Polite to their face and rude behind their back. That's how you can really judge a person's character is by what they say when they think no one can hear them. I find it harder and harder to even like her at all anymore. Sad, really.


if you watch the clip, the journalist who gave her the flower called her, his princess. That would make me roll my eyes for sure after he walks away. She loathed flowers and we heard it because unfortunatley the mic was on. Who had it on is the asshole. It dove into her private moment with her 'people' to express an opinion. That mic shouldn't have even been on.


Here, here to the comment by Chuck...exactly. There is something called "good manners" and "graciousness". I am a huge Madonna fan and admire her immensely.

Chuck Hurley

I say this as a fan of Madonna and would hope that the author would appreciate my candor, and the observational spirit in which it is intended.

I think what has some in a tizzy regarding the "hydrangea" comment has little to do with the fact she prefers other flowers. It's the fact that she would, at all, criticize a gift given from what would seem, the heart.
Yes, she is entitled to her opinions; but it is sometimes best to keep opinions to ourselves, in deference to the feelings of others. Comments made in such a public forum as on the dais of a major international film festival, in range of microphones, have a way of getting out.

That being said, she is human and I forgive her.

I remain a fan.

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