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Madonna on family, love, work and sticky toffee pudding!

This isn’t a bad way to spend an afternoon - skimming across the blue Venice lagoon in a motor launch, the bright sun reflecting on the waves, the majestic buildings shimmering in the heat...
Oh, and having Madonna - in a stunning Dolce & Gabbana little black dress - waving a black silk fan to keep me cool.
I soon discover she’s in a reflective mood - and willing to be unusually candid in what, these days, is a rare interview.
She tells me that everything she has now - a family, a career and a young lover - has come at a price.
I ask her if it really is possible to have all three.
'You can - but what you can’t then expect is a good night’s sleep,' she says with a wry smile.
'I have all three; love, children and work. Lucky me.'
This is the real Madonna. The Madonna that few people see. The Madonna who keeps her thoughts fiercely private - until we find ourselves sharing an airless cabin on the Grand Canal at the Venice Film Festival.

To read the full interview by Baz Bamigboye visit: www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz


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