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Madonna helped dress actors on W.E. set

Madonna's daily routine on the set of 'W.E' included helping to dress the actors and actresses.
The singer wrote the script for and directed the new movie - a two-tier tale about the life of Britain's King Edward VIII and his American wife Wallis, and a modern-day woman called Wally - and said her on set rituals included dressing the stars including Andrea Riseborough and Abbie Cornish.
She explained to 'One of my rituals, one of the most important rituals for me was to help finish dressing the actors or the actresses. I loved putting the finishing touches on them, and feeling a connection with them before we began the day of shooting. So putting on their necklaces and their bracelets, fine-tuning their hair and clothes and kind of finding an excuse to touch them, basically, was my ritual.'
She also admitted that Wallis Simpson intrigued her because there is 'nothing fabulous about her background'.
Madonna said: 'She was and is a very provocative character in the history of world politics, in the world of fashion, in the decision that King Edward VIII made to leave the throne. I dont think it was ever done before. It changed the British Empire, it changed things enormously.'
'And she is a mysterious, enigmatic creature - not conventionally beautiful, not young, twice divorced, there's not anything fabulous about her background. Yet somehow she managed to capture the heart of the man who, at the time, held the most important position in the world. That story intrigued me immensely, I wanted to understand it.'

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I cannot wait for W.E.! I think about it all the time! I dream about the film also! We must all make it THE biggest film of the year! See it many, many, many times and show our support for Our Queen!


Madonna likes to control EVERYTHING she does.....

Tamara Ffitch-Powell (Actress by profession)


Funny why there are awards for Best Actress, etc., then.

'Actress’ appears in dictionaries, too.

Don't be so PC. Or such a luvvie.


this film going to be huuuuuuuuuuuuuge! :) ppl will go see it becos they think it will be bad and then will see it is great. i cant wait! oscars for madonna - yaaaaaaaay :*


:) there is no term such as actress. The correct term is Actor, for both genders.


@B.Pinette did you saw the whole movie? Because i think the movie will come out in 9 December 2011 i'm looking forward to the movie.



I saw the movie at a festival and it was pretty damn good, I was pleasently surprised, I think when people see it and not only the "critics" who obviously have to "criticise", then you'll have a chance to really know and experience it

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