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Postal Service to put living Americans on stamps

Could Bruce Springsteen bail out the U.S. Postal Service? How about Oprah? Is the twisted allure of using Madonna to send out your Progress Energy bill enough for you to ditch online banking and bust it old school?
In a move to stave off financial woes and death-watch buzz, the U.S. Postal Service on Monday announced that, for the first time, living Americans will be eligible to have their proud visages smacked on stamps.
Surely you remember stamps: tiny, sticky, square-y. Before we all filed our taxes electronically and wrote love letters with our thumbs, we used to do things the old-fashioned way. You know, mail stuff.
Originally, someone would have to be dead 25 years before they were considered for grand stampitude. The Postal Service eventually dropped that time limit to 10 years and then, in January 2007, to five years.
Now, in hopes of reviving business - the USPS lost $2.2 billion in the second quarter of this fiscal year - select famous folks will enjoy their postage prestige while they can still hear people complain about the choice.
'The main criterion (for the honor) is outstanding contribution to the U.S.,' says Stephen Kearney, executive director of stamp services for the Postal Service.
'We tried not to limit it up front,' he adds, 'although it is unlikely we would consider any politician currently serving in office or running for office.'
So President Barack Obama is out, and probably Sarah Palin, too. You have to be American. So bye-bye, Canada's Justin Bieber.
Such luminaries as Michael Jordan, Ellen DeGeneres and Rush Limbaugh, as well as the Boss, Oprah and the Material Girl, have been suggested on the USPS Stamps Facebook page.
The Postal Service gets 40,000 suggestions for stamp honors every year; typically 50 finalists are selected, with the ultimate vote going to the postmaster general. Postal officials aren't sure how this gambit will pan out, but they're excited about the reaction.
'It's not that there aren't enough deceased people to honor,' laughs Kearney. 'We're just hoping to be more timely, relevant and meaningful.'

From St. Petersburg Times - thanks to Michael

Frida Giannini: Madonna cures my stress

Frida Giannini knows how relax. In a period when pressure on designers has become the subject of fashion debate, the Gucci creative director seems to have struck a perfect balance between work and play.
'In the summer, my hair is curly, I get my guitar and I do Robert Plant [impressions],' she said. 'Or sometimes, after I have had a nice glass of wine, I do Madonna, Like A Virgin - that's one of my best ones. I can only be like that when I am in a very tight, cosy environment. That is the only way I can relax.'

From British Vogue

Madonna one of the most well-liked stars

Superstars Bono, Angelina Jolie, and Madonna are among the most well-liked and trusted public figures in the world, according to a new international poll.
Each year The Reputation Institute evaluates politicians, sports stars and celebrities to determine who ranks best in the eyes of the public, and this year Salt star Jolie, U2 frontman Bono and veteran entertainer Madonna made the cut.
The total list of 54 was compiled using information from the general public and measured by the degree to which a person was liked, respected, admired, and trusted.
Former South African President Nelson Mandela topped the list, tennis ace Roger Federer came in at number two, and music mogul/entrepreneur Richard Branson also made the top five.
Beloved TV host Oprah Winfrey and rocker Bono came in at eight and nine, respectively, while Jolie beat out U.S. President Barack Obama (14) and the Dalai Lama (13) for a spot at number 12.
Soccer hunk David Beckham was 24th on the list and Madonna was 29th. Lady Gaga also just made the cut - at 41.

From the Calgary Sun

Madonna helped dress actors on W.E. set

Madonna's daily routine on the set of 'W.E' included helping to dress the actors and actresses.
The singer wrote the script for and directed the new movie - a two-tier tale about the life of Britain's King Edward VIII and his American wife Wallis, and a modern-day woman called Wally - and said her on set rituals included dressing the stars including Andrea Riseborough and Abbie Cornish.
She explained to 'One of my rituals, one of the most important rituals for me was to help finish dressing the actors or the actresses. I loved putting the finishing touches on them, and feeling a connection with them before we began the day of shooting. So putting on their necklaces and their bracelets, fine-tuning their hair and clothes and kind of finding an excuse to touch them, basically, was my ritual.'
She also admitted that Wallis Simpson intrigued her because there is 'nothing fabulous about her background'.
Madonna said: 'She was and is a very provocative character in the history of world politics, in the world of fashion, in the decision that King Edward VIII made to leave the throne. I dont think it was ever done before. It changed the British Empire, it changed things enormously.'
'And she is a mysterious, enigmatic creature - not conventionally beautiful, not young, twice divorced, there's not anything fabulous about her background. Yet somehow she managed to capture the heart of the man who, at the time, held the most important position in the world. That story intrigued me immensely, I wanted to understand it.'

From BigPond News

Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project: London Auditions

Madonna will attend the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project event in New York City on November 12, it was confirmed by Live Nation Entertainment. The event will include the search to find the most unique, and innovative dancer who performs in front of Madonna and her long-time choreographers, Rich + Tone. The last dancer standing at the end of the epic dance-off has the chance of winning the coveted prize and becoming part of her official dance crew.

To kick-off the competition in Great Britain, Smirnoff are teaming up with well known Pineapple Dance Studios to host open audition filming on Friday 23 September between 12:00PM - 9:00PM at Pineapple Dance Studios, 7 Langley Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JA. Whether it’s krumping, salsa, pointe, pop and locking, or lyrical, dancers are invited to put their skills to the test for the ultimate prize.

For those hopefuls unable to make the open audition filming, aspiring dancers are encouraged to upload a 60-second video of their most original routine by October 10 to be selected for one of the ten spots at the November live auditions. Entrants must be 21 years old and over. For details on the dance submission process and terms and conditions, visit

Mel C chooses her top ten female performers

Singer and former Spice Girl Mel C picks her most inspiring singers - and Madonna is included in her top ten:

I go way back with Madonna. I remember being embarrassed by the lyrics to Like A Virgin as a child, but I was secretly blown away. She’s the artist who made me want to be a pop star, and as a kid I learnt all the songs and routines. She’s a performer who really pushed the boundaries.
People compare Lady Gaga to Madonna, but while I have a lot of respect for Lady Gaga, Madonna did all the groundwork for artists like her. She’s completely in control of her career, has an amazing work ethic and pays real attention to every aspect of her image.
Her videos have always been spectacular; her shows are massive events. I’ve seen her several times – the first was The Girlie Show in 1993. That was a really breathtaking show. If I had to pick one of her albums it would be Ray Of Light.

To read the rest of Mel's list visit:

A makeover for Madonna's movie?

Madonna is being quietly urged to re-edit some scenes of her movie about the love affair between King Edward VIII and Mrs Wallis Simpson, who later became the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.
If Madonna wants W.E. to be a contender this awards season, she must act fast and have a new version ready by the UK premiere at the BFI London Film Festival on October 23.
An executive close to the film said that, now it has been shown at the Venice and Toronto festivals, Madonna has a brief window of opportunity to decide how to shape her movie to best advantage.
‘We see shots of a lot of corridors, so they can go, and other scenes can be trimmed,’ the executive told me.
In fact, the picture could be cut by ten minutes without compromising the director’s vision, which brings a rock ’n’ roll sensibility to a love story we all thought we knew.
It has the advantage of being visually stunning and benefits from an excellent central performance by Andrea Riseborough as the Duchess.
Also, Madonna’s take on what Wallis had to give up to be with Edward (or David, as his family and mistresses called him) is incredibly moving. She was in a mink-lined prison: able to have anything she desired but, ultimately, lonely.
Madonna runs a parallel modern-day story featuring Abbie Cornish and Oscar Isaac that acts as a commentary on what the Duchess had to endure, and although it stops the film becoming a heritage picture, some critics feel it slows the narrative down.
When Madonna and I spoke in Venice, she acknowledged that ‘maybe it needs a bit of this and a bit of that, and maybe it is still a work in progress’.
She laughed and added, with a hint of frustration: ‘For God’s sake, I hope it’s over with soon!’
Films get re-cut all the time, so there’s no shame in going back to the editing suite. At least she hasn’t got to shoot additional scenes, a common practice in the movie business.
Madonna said she wouldn’t mind doing a special screening for the Royal Family. ‘Maybe if they saw them (the Duke and Duchess) as human beings, it might help.’
I doubt the Queen would ever command a performance and, if she did, it would never be publicly acknowledged. But if the director and Her Majesty were to meet, perhaps Madge could ask permission to do a movie on the Queen Mother.
‘That would be an interesting subject. She was a tough cookie,’ she told me.

From Baz Bamigboye /

Berlusconi attacked by a new voice of opposition: Madonna

Madonna has weighed into the Italian political fray by launching a stinging attack on Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, saying the scandal-bound premier is 'unsuited to govern Italy'.
The Italian-American singer and actor made her remark in an interview at the Venice film festival where she presented W.E., her much-panned biography of Wallis Simpson. Her comments were labelled as 'offensive' and 'communist' by irate Berlusconi supporters following their publication yesterday in Oggi magazine.
'What do I think about Berlusconi?' said the 53-year-old. 'I wouldn't like to talk about it now. But The Economist already said everything, didn't it?' referring to the publication's 9 June cover in which a picture of grinning Mr Berlusconi accompanied the headline, 'The man who screwed an entire country' - a not-too-subtle double reference to Italy's teetering economy and his alleged penchant for prostitutes.
Madonna said she would return to discuss the state of Italy after she'd finished promoting her film. But she could not resist adding her two cents worth, opining that gaffe-prone Berlusconi was 'unsuited to govern Italy'.
It was enough to enrage Berlusconi loyalists, including Carlo Giovanardi, an undersecretary in the Prime Minister's office. Demonstrating a level of skill with press soundbites on a par with the Queen of Pop's prowess in the director's chair, he said Madonna's opinion 'counts for nothing, because Italians know that she's a multi-millionaire and that people are not going to be influenced by these rich and spoilt would-be lords'.
Then realising, perhaps, that this might not be the best line of attack given the multi-billionaire premier, with assets of €5bn, was one of Italy's richest men, Mr Giovanardi changed tack, attacking her support of homosexual causes. But as the Italian media continued to run with Madonna's comments, another PdL party politician, Daniela Santanché, said the star had 'insulted millions of Italians'. Another PdL MP, former pop star Gabriella Carlucci, suggested that Madonna had employed a 'communist press office'.

From The Independent

Report from inside the Toronto press conference

madonnalicious reader Matt attended both the W.E. press conference and premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival - here is his report and review:

Madonna was radiant promoting W.E.; dressed in mint condition, agreeable, friendly, cordial, smiling. It was refreshing to see her be so kind and open. The conference lasted 45 minutes...which is the equivalent of 8 Madonna years. She took dozens and dozens of questions about her life, the movie, the process of filming and writing, and her career.
Obviously, I was in heaven; all right, I was having an out of body. But, I had to keep me cool; I pretended I worked for a film company so my friend could sneak me in. I was the youngest there by a longshot. The writers seem to be mostly older men and women who pounced on me; they were chatting me up and asking me to send them screeners of the movie.
My favorite quip from Madonna was in response to a statement made by a reporter likening Wallis' romantic experience to Madonna's: 'Madonna, I am sure you know what it feels like to be loved so much; I mean, any man would give up his kingdom for you.' She rejoinders:' 'I wouldn't count on it!'
Another clever reply came when she was asked: 'Madonna, what is in your jewelry box?' She replied coyly: 'I have a few nice pieces...but, the nicest things I have I gave myself.'
She slips in between 'Madonna dialects'; polished and faux British, mid Western twang, accentless American English. She bats her eyes a lot as she takes questions and formulates her thoughts. It is an affectation that lends import to every word she utters.
Her press agent was adamant that the reporters not photograph Madonna while she answered questions. Madonna kept shooting her knowing stares. Madonna piped up finally and insisted that the photographs 'were a distraction' going as far as to say, 'How close is that bulb?!' 'I can't concentrate.'
It really was too close; I agreed with her. I even liked how she tried to be diplomatic by saying, 'How about I answer a question. Then you can take a picture.' They feigned agreement. She beamed, 'Democracy!' But, the reporters did not let up. And, there was no way for her to get out of the pickle without looking like a controlling bitch. It made me realize that with this project she really is in the hands of the public. She laughed about the 'Hydrangea-incident' at Venice Film Festival, a nod to self-deprecation.
Following oodles of questions and photos of Madonna, her bodyguards escorted her out and Abby Cornish came in. Abby is beautiful; Nicole Kidman smile on a Kate Winslet body. She has a very fresh and pretty face. She is a curvaceous gal. Not a rail like some of the others.
The day of glory continued with the premiere of the film which started at 6:30; I was seated in reserved seating three rows behind Madonna and the cast. The audiences in Toronto are so respectful, courteous and genuinely excited to be a part of the magic. Madonna introduced the film saying, 'As many of you know, I am from Detroit, so I am practically Canadian...I love Toronto so much; even though they have tried to arrest me here.'
Just as I thought the crowd would continue it's demure attitude towards the stars, the crowd began screaming for her. You have never seen anything like the shouting: 'Madonna! Madonna! Madonna!' It was like they were seeing a saint. Religious zeal is what it felt like; you know when people go crazy and seem drugged up and nuts? That was the way these fans acted. These fans make me look like a calm cool collected wallflower.
What was great was that I was on the inside seeing the whole process unfurl. These stars are on a year long campaign to promote their movies, meet the press, get the word out, and aspire to some kind of lasting artistic glory. Madonna said that her musical performances are so 'primal, such an instantaneous give and take', while film is much more of an intellectual undertaking. Which takes us to the movie...

My read is: one part Kings Speech (history), two parts Single Man (styling), one part Julie Julia (narrative device). See it and tell me if you agree.
The film was beautiful; it has a modern plot that is used as a lens to understanding the romance of Wallis and Edward. My feeling is that the acting of Andrea Riseborough who played Wallis was outstanding. I bumped into Andrea at the Soho House after-party for W.E. and told her how much I loved her dancing and her Dolce and Gabbana dress. She was kind and took the time to ask me my name and really gave Madonna a lot of credit. (I overheard her introduce herself to Gerard Butler saying, 'Hi, I am Andrea.' He said, 'Oh, what are you here promoting?' She responded, 'W.E. You know, Madonna's movie.')
The score to the movie is sensational; the dialogue is a little contrived at times. Such a shame. I could have edited it college app-style and done some less cheesy transitions. I feel like the public will be hard on the movie and not appreciate the styling and the film techniques which were really beautifully interwoven into the story (because, like I said, it is told as a lens so the movie shifts through decades; a cup and saucer at the Sotheby's auction is a catalyst for a party at Bois Boulogne in 1936 Paris. it is a device that works, though, in my opinion and I never felt confused by it).
The costumes. THE COSTUMES! Jesus! The costumes are marvelous. There is a sexy silver dress Wallis wears as she dances. I hope my friend Tom Ford makes a dress like that next season; it would be perfect for his collection's aesthetic!

Madonna in talks to launch signature fragrance

Madonna is reportedly planning to launch her own signature fragrance.
The '4 Minutes' singer is in 'serious discussions' with cosmetics conglomerate Coty to create her own perfume, reports WWD.
Lady GaGa, Jennifer Lopez and David Beckham have previously partnered with Coty to release their own fragrances.
Representatives for Madonna and Coty haven't commented on the report.
Madonna and daughter Lourdes recently launched their own Material Girl fashion and cosmetics range, which has been marketed for teenagers.

From Digital Spy

Madonna Won't Eat Marmite

Madonna's worst nightmare would be to eat a Marmite sandwich.
The 53-year-old star is not a fan of the salty yeast spread - which has a very acquired taste and is popular in Britain - and even though 14-year-old daughter Lourdes is trying to get her to try one, Madonna is standing firm.
Speaking at the premiere of her new movie 'W.E.' at the Toronto Film Festival, Madonna is quoted by the MailOnline as saying: 'I would do anything for my children. For sure. Except have a Marmite sandwich. My daughter's insistent that I eat one, but I won't! Vile!'
Lourdes is thought to have developed a taste for Marmite - which has the slogan, 'You either love it or hate it' - while she was living in the UK during Madonna's marriage to British film director Guy Ritchie, which ended in 2008.


Madonna Rep Blasts Toronto Film Festival Diva Rumours

Madonna's representative has dismissed rumours of diva demands at the Toronto International Film Festival (Tiff) after the superstar's security guards reportedly ordered volunteers to turn away as she walked past.
The Material Girl attended the annual movie showcase in Canada earlier this week to screen and promote her new directorial project W.E.
She is said to have caused outrage behind the scenes after her security team allegedly told festival staff to turn their faces to the wall as she passed so the singer could walk the hallways undisturbed.
Jennifer Bell, vice president of communications at the festival, spoke out to defend the employees, saying, 'Of course, it flies in the face of what we stand for as an organisation. Our volunteers are the heart and soul of the festival. They keep it running on all cylinders.'
However, Madonna's longtime rep Liz Rosenberg insists the star didn't dish out the instruction and is baffled as to who would have made such a demand.
She says, 'Neither Madonna nor her security ever gave instructions for the volunteers to turn away from Madonna. In fact, she was so impressed with the volunteers that she publicly thanked them from the stage for their hard work before the premiere of her film last night which earned a standing ovation...'
'I don't know how it happened or where it came from. I still haven't found out who did it but Madonna didn't do it. We are still trying to figure out who and why anyone would ask the volunteers to turn away from Madonna. She has never and would never ask anyone to do that ever.'


Madonna: King Edward VIII was 'very punk rock'

Britain's King Edward VIII was 'very punk rock,' Madonna said Monday at the North American opening of her film 'W.E.,' about his infamous romance with American divorcee Wallis Simpson - and his subsequent abdication.
'I thought King Edward VIII was very punk rock,' she said, explaining how a salty anarchist anthem by the English punk band The Sex Pistols ended up on the soundtrack for her second directorial work, starring British actors James D'Arcy and Andrea Riseborough.
The band's 1977 single 'God Save the Queen' attacked Britons' social conformity and deference to the Crown.
'I thought he (King Edward VIII) was quite rebellious and cutting edge in his point of view about life and about how to run the empire and using the Sex Pistols was a perfect marriage,' Madonna said.
In Venice, where the film premiere earlier this month, the Queen of Pop said there were 'elements of myself' in the film, and said she could sympathise with Wallis as an outsider, an American living in London.
At the Toronto International Film Festival, Madonna added that Wallis 'was and is a very provocative character.'
'She is also a mysterious and enigmatic creature, not conventionally beautiful, not young, twice divorced, not anything fabulous about her background and somehow she managed to capture the heart of the man who at the time held the most important position in the world.'
'That story intrigued me immensely and I wanted to understand it.'
'But also I was interested in the concept of the cult of celebrity which we are all consumed with now, and then.'
Polish classical composer Abel Korzeniowski set up the movie's haunting score.
He tried to explain to reporters that Madonna had urged him to 'not try to be talented.' Madonna interrupted, 'No, I said: 'Don't over-think it.' I always wanted you to be talented.'
The clash of his classical and Madonna's pop backgrounds, he continued, resulted in 'the most interesting thing.'
'I found myself learning very interesting things (from Madonna) about music, which helped me in my classical thinking,' Korzeniowski added.

From AFP Via Yahoo! News

Press Pictures: W.E. Premiere

The North American premiere of Madonna's W.E. took place at the at 36th Toronto International Film Festival last night. Madonna is pictured below with actresses Andrea Riseborough and Abbie Cornish.

Madonna was wearing a Tom Ford dress with strappy Brian Atwood heels, Neil Lane jewellery and a Ferragamo bag.

Pictures from AP / Reuters Via Yahoo! News

Madonna nervous of film critics

Madonna - 'one of the most famous people in the world' as she was introduced - admits she's nervous and feels pressure about how W.E., her second feature film as a director, will be received.
'Of course I do because I knew and I had the same kind of pressure when I began my music career,' said the Material Girl, 53, femininely dressed in a red dress at her TIFF press conference on Monday afternoon before the movie's gala screening on Monday night. 'And I was nervous and I didn't know what to expect and people didn't know what to expect. I had to earn my way in the world being taken seriously in the music department and now I'm well aware that I have to do the same in the world of film.'
But she only cares what the critics say about the luxurious looking film about an unhappily married Park Avenue woman named Wally (Abbie Cornish) obsessed with King Edward VIII's decision in the '30s to abdicate the throne for a life with American divorcee Wallis Simpson (Andrea Riseborough) if it's fair criticism.
'I can tell when people are reviewing my film and when they're reviewing me personally. I welcome criticism of my film when it's viewed as an artistic form and not when people are mentioning things about my personal life or my achievements in any other field because they're irrelevant.'
Madge, no wallflower, says she didn't think of herself per se as 'the boss' on the film set but rather 'the storyteller. The person that was there to collaborate with a group of very talented people who were going to help me tell my story.'
In fact, she says she would strum a guitar and make up songs to entertain the cast and crew between shots.
'It was a way to pass time. When it was pouring down rain and you were shooting outside and you were stuck inside some grey, dirty shack waiting for the sun to come out, what can you do but make up a song? (Starts singing) 'We're making a movie, isn't it groovy, welcome to my house.' That was one of them.'
She also said before each shot involved paying attention to detail to the gorgeous costumes, jewelry and hairstyles worn by both Cornish and Riseborough.
'I loved feeling a connection with them before we began a day of shooting,' said Madonna, who also had Cornish and Riseborough working out with her trainers. 'Finding an excuse to touch them was my ritual.'
Her choice to use the Sex Pistols song Pretty Vacant in a party scene involving Simpson and the King in the '30s was simple, she said: 'I think that King Edward the 8th was very punk rock. I thought he was quite rebellious and cutting edge in his point of view about life and how to run the empire. And I thought using the Sex Pistols was a perfect narration to the monarchy at the time and what they were doing drinking Benzedrine cocktails while watching a Charlie Chaplin film.'
And when asked if Johnny Rotten - aka John Lydon, who's also in a film, Sons of Norway, at this year's TIFF - knows about the song's inclusion in W.E, she joked: 'Of course he knows, I had to pay him!'
W.E. is being released in December which is Oscar season and Madonna joked: 'My legs and my fingers are crossed.'

From Toronto Sun

Events: Desperately Seeking Susan in New York City

Free outdoor movie Wednesday 14 September @ 7:00pm
Mathews Palmer Playground (45/46th bet 9th/10th Ave)

Featuring Hells Kitchen Talent:
Janet Restino performing her Full Moon/ Peace Poem
The Todd Henry Movement, contemporary dance pieces; Igloo a dance film by Todd Henry

Hosted by The West 45th & 46th Street Block Associations
Info: [email protected] | 347 460 1818

Bring blankets, chairs, snacks and friends!

Calling Madonna fans! What can you bring to the dealing room?

TV Production Company Fever Media are seeking Madonna fans to sell their valuables to our team of Dealers in a brand new TV format for an international TV network.
Some of the biggest players in the worlds of antiques, collectables and pawnbroking will be spending their own cash on ANYTHING of value. They’ve got thousands to spend and they want to spend BIG.
In this brand new international TV format, members of the public will try and sell their valuables to our panel of high-flying international dealers for big money. One by one our sellers will enter the dealers’ space and try to get the best deal for their prized possession. Whether it’s a diamond ring, an antique vase, or a DeLorean car, nothing is too big or too small.

Fever Media are after any Madonna memorabilia or fascinating items that members of the public think our Dealers may be interested in buying, or any family heirlooms that you think may be worth something. Have you got Madonna handwritten lyrics? Do you own Madonna’s costume from ‘Evita’? If so we want to know.

Filming is taking place in October but Fever are looking to speak to people now!

If you want to start a bidding war between the Dealers and make a tidy profit, don’t hesitate to get in touch! CALL 020 7428 5756 or email [email protected] for further details!

Madonna on family, love, work and sticky toffee pudding!

This isn’t a bad way to spend an afternoon - skimming across the blue Venice lagoon in a motor launch, the bright sun reflecting on the waves, the majestic buildings shimmering in the heat...
Oh, and having Madonna - in a stunning Dolce & Gabbana little black dress - waving a black silk fan to keep me cool.
I soon discover she’s in a reflective mood - and willing to be unusually candid in what, these days, is a rare interview.
She tells me that everything she has now - a family, a career and a young lover - has come at a price.
I ask her if it really is possible to have all three.
'You can - but what you can’t then expect is a good night’s sleep,' she says with a wry smile.
'I have all three; love, children and work. Lucky me.'
This is the real Madonna. The Madonna that few people see. The Madonna who keeps her thoughts fiercely private - until we find ourselves sharing an airless cabin on the Grand Canal at the Venice Film Festival.

To read the full interview by Baz Bamigboye visit:

Judge: Neighbor's NY noise suit against Madonna OK

Madonna has lost a bid to get rid of a neighbor's lawsuit claiming the superstar made a racket by using her New York City apartment as a rehearsal studio.
A judge turned down Madonna's request to dismiss the suit. Her publicist and lawyer didn't immediately respond to requests for comment Wednesday, after the Aug. 24 decision was reported in the New York Law Journal.
Karen George says Madonna's dance and exercise routines subjected neighbors to 'blaring music, stomping and shaking walls' for up to three hours a day. Madonna took steps to dampen the sound in 2009, but George says they didn't work.
She sued Madonna and the building's co-op board. They say the noise never topped legal levels.
The judge says the dispute warrants a trial.

From AP Via Yahoo! News

Madonna will not apologize for loathing hydrangeas

Sorry, hydrangeas: Madonna’s just not that crazy for you. Just days after a video of Madonna dismissing a bouquet of hydrangeas from a fan went viral, a rep has released a statement regarding the floral spurn, which occurred at the Venice Film Festival.
Said the rep in a statement to CNN: 'She’s entitled to like any flower she wants and she didn’t want to hurt the feeling of the hydrangeas of the world...No disrespect to the hydrangeas lovers of the world but she prefers different types of flowers.'

From PopWatch /

Madonna's Material Girl clothing case goes to trial

A US judge has denied a request to throw out a legal case involving Madonna's Material Girl clothes line.
Retailer LA Triumph sued the singer's company last year, claiming it had been selling a range with the same name since 1997 and owned the trademark.
Madonna's lawyers argued she was a 'senior user' of the trademark, having made it famous in her 1985 hit song.
Federal judge James Otero disagreed, and ordered that the dispute should proceed to trial.
'The singing of a song does not create a trademark,' he wrote, adding that the defendants' argument 'fails as a matter of law'.
Madonna did not write Material Girl, which featured on her breakthrough Like A Virgin album, but the moniker has stuck with her over the years.
She has often hinted that she regrets releasing the song, as its message is at odds with her preferred image of a strong, independent woman.
And when she performed the single during her Blond Ambition tour in 1990, the star adopted a nasal 'valley girl' accent to poke fun at the shallow lyrics.
Nonetheless, court documents show that Madonna's company, MG Icon, argued that 'Madonna is the Material Girl'.
Lawyers added that $85m (£53.2m) worth of merchandise bearing the phrase had been sold at concerts, proving that Madonna had used the trademark first.
LA Triumph countered that it only proved the phrase had been used for merchandising and not clothing.
The judge denied MG Icon's request for a summary judgment, and said he would allow the jury to hear evidence about the issue at the trial.
If the clothing retailer is successful, Madonna could be forced to change the name of her clothing line.
The range - which she launched last year with her daughter Lourdes - currently sells in US store Macy's, which is also named as a co-defendant in the case.
The trial is expected to begin in October.

From BBC News

Madonna live dance audition in New York City

Madonna + Smirnoff are currently searching for the world's best dancer to join Madonna on her next tour, encouraging dancers all over the globe to submit videos of their best moves at

Smirnoff announced that TOMORROW (Thursday 08 September) Madonna's celebrity choreographers Rich & Tone will be auditioning New York's best dancers live for the chance to join Madonna on her next tour. This exclusive and once in a lifetime access Rich & Tone is a huge advantage for dancers. Not only do they have immediate access to Madonna's trusted team, but Rich & Tone are also among the judges selecting the final winning dancer at the November 12 dance contest finals.

The coolest thing about the live auditions on Thursday is that Rich & Tone will chose their favorite dancer on the day to be a wild card finalist for the November 12 dance competition finals, fast-tracking that dancer to the November 12 dance competition finals where they will dance for the opportunity to join Madonna as a dancer on her next tour.

Audition Details:
Location: Broadway Dance Center, 322 West 45th St
Date: Thursday 08 September
Time: 7am – 1pm. Auditions begin at 7:30am SHARP.
Details: Must be 21 years or older. Must not wear clothing with visible logos/brands. Come dressed to dance!

W.E. is one of the most pleasant film surprises in years

Madonna is the most famous female pop artist of all-time. However, the words 'Madonna' and 'film' usually don’t go together. Just go watch the films Shanghai Surprise, Swept Away, The Next Best Thing, or Body of Evidence. Behind the camera, however, Madonna the director proves to be almost as brilliant a Madonna the pop star.

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Madonna's lucky star Andrea Riseborough shines in W.E.

Usually known for not being fans of Madonna, this time UK newspaper the Daily Mail cannot seem to get enough of her! Film reviewer Baz Bamigboye who liked the film on his first viewing, liked it even more on his second viewing!

Andrea Riseborough was sitting on the terrace of the fabled Excelsior Hotel on the Venice Lido on Wednesday and nobody noticed.
Twenty-four hours later, she was on the red carpet with Madonna, and this time the world sat up and paid attention.
Riseborough, who trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, is a sensation in Madonna’s great love story W.E. about the romance between Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII.
Andrea plays Mrs Simpson, who later became the Duchess of Windsor, and it’s one of those career-changing roles. I predict her days of being able to sit on the Excelsior terrace unrecognised are over.
Yet Riseborough’s success is due, in part, to a chameleon-like ability to transform herself that she has always possessed.
Watching an early screening of the film the other day I had the strangest sensation that I was seeing the real Mrs Simpson mixing cocktails. Andrea can crawl under the skin of the person she’s portraying.
And when she played the young Margaret Thatcher in The Long Walk To Finchley, she made us believe she was the real Iron Lady. It’s a rare gift.
Seeing the film a second time I felt that even the irritating modern-day parallel love story involving Abbie Cornish and Oscar Isaac works - most of the time - because of the passion of the actors and, it must be said, their director.
I still think that ten minutes could be carefully edited out and everyone would be happier.
But the score is superb. Abel Korzeniowski composed most of it with a couple of haunting piano pieces by Yann Tiersen.
And I think W.E. is likely to garner Andrea some best actress award heat - and possibly some awards interest for Madonna, too.


New album confirmed for Spring 2012

In an interview with Sweden's Sveriges Television (SVT) Madonna confirmed that her new single would be released February/March 2012 with a new album following in the Spring 2012.

Madonna confirmed that she 'started a little bit of work in the studio' for the album and will continue recording in 'New York, until the end of the year'.

Madonna also didn't feel the need to correct the interviewer when he mentioned how she was re-teaming with producer William Orbit!