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A makeover for Madonna's movie?

Madonna is being quietly urged to re-edit some scenes of her movie about the love affair between King Edward VIII and Mrs Wallis Simpson, who later became the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.
If Madonna wants W.E. to be a contender this awards season, she must act fast and have a new version ready by the UK premiere at the BFI London Film Festival on October 23.
An executive close to the film said that, now it has been shown at the Venice and Toronto festivals, Madonna has a brief window of opportunity to decide how to shape her movie to best advantage.
‘We see shots of a lot of corridors, so they can go, and other scenes can be trimmed,’ the executive told me.
In fact, the picture could be cut by ten minutes without compromising the director’s vision, which brings a rock ’n’ roll sensibility to a love story we all thought we knew.
It has the advantage of being visually stunning and benefits from an excellent central performance by Andrea Riseborough as the Duchess.
Also, Madonna’s take on what Wallis had to give up to be with Edward (or David, as his family and mistresses called him) is incredibly moving. She was in a mink-lined prison: able to have anything she desired but, ultimately, lonely.
Madonna runs a parallel modern-day story featuring Abbie Cornish and Oscar Isaac that acts as a commentary on what the Duchess had to endure, and although it stops the film becoming a heritage picture, some critics feel it slows the narrative down.
When Madonna and I spoke in Venice, she acknowledged that ‘maybe it needs a bit of this and a bit of that, and maybe it is still a work in progress’.
She laughed and added, with a hint of frustration: ‘For God’s sake, I hope it’s over with soon!’
Films get re-cut all the time, so there’s no shame in going back to the editing suite. At least she hasn’t got to shoot additional scenes, a common practice in the movie business.
Madonna said she wouldn’t mind doing a special screening for the Royal Family. ‘Maybe if they saw them (the Duke and Duchess) as human beings, it might help.’
I doubt the Queen would ever command a performance and, if she did, it would never be publicly acknowledged. But if the director and Her Majesty were to meet, perhaps Madge could ask permission to do a movie on the Queen Mother.
‘That would be an interesting subject. She was a tough cookie,’ she told me.

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Victoria A/B and Mel B/G/B

This is not uncommon. MANY films are edited before general release. MANY films have screenings where audience feedback is taken VERY seriously.

As the article states.

So why make an article out of it? A bit of subtle Madge-bashing, I guess????

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