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Vote: Queen of Pop

Yet another poll is being run online (this time by Univision Musica) to find out who is the Queen of Pop! This time they acknowledge that Madonna is the official Queen of Pop - but they want to know you is the 'actual' Queen of Pop.

So get voting to show that Madonna is the actual and official Queen of Pop - at the moment Madonna is in third place behind Britney and Lady Gaga! - and click on the 'votar por tu artista favorita' to vote for Madonna.

Thanks to Fernando


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Enough for this Crazy Voting thing! Madonna is Ever the Queen of Pop!!!


i dont care to "vote" on something i already know as a "fact"....its like, "Lets all vote on the sky being blue today!!"


wtf??? madonna should be the one leading. she MADE britney and gaga


done. I can't believe they give the official title and yet dare to ask who's the actual. silly.

Clare, btw, I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!! on 10 big years of madonnalicious being online. You've been my number 1 stop for everything madonna-related for the last 7 years :)

Ricardo Serbanescu

The realy queen of pop is MADONNA


If she's the OFFICIAL queen of Pop, then why are they asking who's the 'actual' queen of pop? What a stupid poll. If it's 'official' then there is no questioning it. Geez, I hate these stupid polls.

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