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Osbourne on working with Madonna

Osbourne became the face of the popstar and her daughter Lourdes's fashion collection earlier this year.
She spoke to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show about the experience: 'I met Lourdes about two years ago and when they were asking for a new Material Girl they asked if I'd be interested. Before they even finished the sentence I said, 'Yes! That's the coolest thing ever!'
'But it's also very intimidating to work with somebody who is, in my eyes, the best of the best. To walk in the room and not be a complete nerd and fanning out. I sit there with a sweaty top lip having a panic attack the whole time like, 'Oh my God, when will this be over?!' Dabbing my lip because I'm so nervous!'
Osbourne added that she became great friends with Lourdes through wokring on the collection, describing the teenager as "unbelievably intelligent and smart".



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