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Oakenfold: Madonna works 'tirelessly' in the studio

Madonna is 'easy' to collaborate with and 'works tirelessly in the studio,' according to Paul Oakenfold.
The DJ produced Madonna's 2009 single 'Celebration', and said she was anything but a diva to record with.
He told 'Madonna was without doubt one of the best artists I have ever worked with. She had so many fantastic ideas and really took her music seriously.'
'You can tell that with Madonna, everything is about the music. She's a global name but still works tirelessly in the studio, puts on her best possible live gigs and puts 100 per cent into everything she does. She's really grounded too and easy to work with.'



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I Think I Love You

To Sarina. My comment made no mention as to whether Oakenfold was working on the new album, or not. To anyone but the most stupid of people, I was referring to the title and content of the news item we're all commenting on above, which incidentally makes no reference to Oakenfold working on the new album either. Pay attention Sarina!!!
Your other point about Lady Gaga's influences (I think that's what you're implying - your punctuation/grammar is so poor that it's difficult to read - a divining rod to your earlier misunderstanding?) seems to clash with Madonna's claims of who she finds inspirational to her, which she herself has mentioned in interviews, especially at the start of her career. In fact most music makers of the world are inspired and influenced by others around them. And there are strict rules on copyright to prevent creative people from going too far. Your point is null and void.
However, your statement on Lauriean Gibson in relation to her involvement with Gaga is fairly analogous to the Oakenfold/Madonna situation, so well done Sarina for spotting that!! My faith in you has been restored. (But not by much!!!)
Anyway, my main point could refer to both Gaga and Madonna, and others in the spotlight - how much do they themselves really contribute to their music (influenced by others or not) and how much is left to 'backroom professionals' who are not famous except within the industry as 'go-to' engineers, producers and composers. That's my question. I could re-iterate this a third time if you like, Sarina, if you're having trouble with computing this part of my query...
How about I write it clearly for you... DO--YOU--KNOW--OF--ANY--FOOTAGE/VIDEO/FILM--OF--MADONNA--BEING--CREATIVE? Simple. Yes or no answer. Details would be good, if you feel you're up to it...


TO I think I love you: A) Madonna is not working with Oakenfold on the new album so he's not on payroll.
B) the title should go to Lauriean Gibson when she kept saying "gaga is wonderful she's not COPYING Madonna!" when born this way was all over the world hailed as a cheaper cheesy version of express yourself. now that's being on the payroll and speaking to get more paychecks in.
C) depending on other's talent's and juices again that's Lady gaga she uses Madonna, Ace of Base, Roisin Murphy, Michael Jackson and now Bette Middler.

We Love Madonnalicious!

"This is old news! Come on Madonnalicious!!

Posted by: Elden | Saturday, 20 August 2011 at 11:17 PM"

Maybe try putting together and running your own Madonna web site, then? It's hard work. You don't get paid for it AND it costs you money out of your own pocket, both directly and indirectly.

Keep up the AMAZING work, Claire! Most of us appreciate your hard work and dedication!

Marieke Vorenholt

Sounds good! I'm curious about her new songs, can't hardy wait till it'll be available in the stores.

Love, Marieke (Nthrlds)

I Think I Love You

I think the title basically boils down to: 'Man speaks highly of a person who is instrumental in deciding that he's on the payroll or not'. No surprise there of course.
I want to hear from someone as 'independent' as possible. Maybe someone or other unrelated to the production who happens to be passing by an open studio door, and has a listen for a while. Perhaps the headline might then read: 'Madonna contributes little, and is reliant almost totally on the creative juices of others...'
Maybe it may be so. Maybe not (I hope not!). But I'd like to know. Over all these years of her co-producing music and now directing, there is surprisingly little documentary footage of her actually putting ideas forward 'on the job'. If anyone has any links to help allay my suspicions, I'd appreciate that.


and yet the music they made together was still a load of shite


This is old news! Come on Madonnalicious!!


Love that song, 'Celebration'. It's one of the best things she did lately.

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