Happy Birthday Madonna!
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I have to agree with you Isabelle! Jesus was a much better fit for her.


Chris, I wish you could spell and use proper grammar!


So glad you were born Madonna, you changed alot of lives and gave us alot of courage and good music

Chris Foris

I say to all those people that don't know how to be happy with their own lives and that have talked so badly abody Madonna don't realize that she is getting press out of that and lets face it if you were to walk past her on the street you wouldn't know who she was. It seems that you women at their tend to be Madonna's worst critic, but it's funny you celebrate a man of 53 going out with someone young but you put Madonna down and say such hurtful things. All I have to say to these women is go home and take your cloths off and sit down infront of the merrior and critisize yourselves. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADONNA AND MAY YOU HAVE MANY MANY MORE. MUMMWA


Absolute adore the Queen but must say Jesus and her were a much hotter couple.


She looks happy and fit--but not super buff, which is nice to see since so many magazines want to give her grief about working out too much.

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