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Liz Smith on a new tour and new dancers

Although some of Madonna’s admirers would prefer it if the pop icon didn’t run herself ragged on another world concert tour, that is exactly what she will be doing next year. M is recording songs for a new album and the concert will follow. Well, I suppose you can’t blame her. The last tour was the highest-grossing tour for a solo artist - ever. It was somewhere in the $400 millions. And a girl can never have too many millions.
Madonna has teamed with Smirnoff to hold a 'global dance competition.' The winner will join the star’s troupe as they all writhe and grind their way around the world. This is the first time Madonna has chosen a dancer this way. Well, there has to be a first time for everything and everyone, even Madonna.
She’ll choose her other dancers as she always has in the past.

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Teresa Gibson. Are you that? It's Ronald from Curacao. Please contact me.


AGree with much of tracy's post.

i thought sticky and sweet was just a lazy, lazy concert/show. Madonna skipping? Yeah, and? A car on stage? what was the point, the context?

like bristar lets hope the next album is an amazing with an amazing tour to match!

come on m - we kno you can do it!!!! xxxx


i also agree with some comments on here-i hated the re-invention tour-& thought sticky & sweet was -just ok.i also tend to think the same now-how many hundreds is this going to cost???its outrageous really that a ticket costs over £100!!! many other artists manage to do it for about £40.i really hope the next album is amazing-i also wasnt keen on the hard candy album-i felt she'd truly lost her way-& was just working with who ever was current-madonna was always the leader-not the follower.lets hope she will triumph again.fingers


I agree with some of the others who have posted here - it IS possible to have too much of a good thing, IMHO! I like JC's 'tour fatigue' description!

IMHO, when an artist of the magnitude of M tours so much in such a short space of time (this will be Tour # 6 - if you include the two bouts of Stick and Sweet - in around 12 years), then I personally feel much of the mystique gets lost. Just how I feel personally. The excitement I felt when Drowned World was announced was almost too much to bear; by the time we had got to Sticky and Sweet (which I hated, anyhow), I just thought, "Meh! Another couple of hundred pounds to fork out!"! (I still went, of course!)

With M's record sales in general decline (as is the case for most of the recording industry), it was all so apparent that once M joined forces with Live Nation that she would be on tour sooooo much. After all, tours and the merchandise are what bring in the big bucks now.

I hated Drowned World and Sticky and Sweet, but loved ReInvention and Confessions. I just hope that the next album is an absolute killer so that the tour can match it!


This is good news!!!! :-D


I have Madonna-tour fatigue and Madonna fatigue in general. If you do too many, too close in time without inspired music and a reinvigorated sensibility a la Blonde Ambition and Girlie Show, there is just nothing to intrigue and entice.

I am very curious and interested in seeing her film, however. That is the current, interesting Madonna. The music stuff is over for me.


I never get excited about a new Madonna concert because she never comes to Australia.


Can I please have a break? I really do support her but another half hearted project with bad videos is just too much!
Enough of trash dance from grand pa Guetta...Enough of early 90ies euro trash...Please Madonna give us content and quality again...For everything else we have Gaga and Co.

Teresa Gibson

Fantastic!!!!!! If Liz says it, it must be so. Come to Texas Madonna. We love you so!!!

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