VMAs Gone Wild: Cat Reenacts Madonna's Like A Virgin
Madonna quote at Nobu restaurant

Billboard: Best MTV VMA Performances - Results

In celebration of the 2011 MTV VMA's, Billboard.com recently asked it's readers to vote what they thought were the best VMA performances of all time.

Well, the results have now been published. To the surprise of no one the Queen of Pop 'Madonna' has two of her performances rank in the top 10!

First was her 1990 'Vogue' performance that came in #6:
'Talk about a cultural mashup: Madonna and co., clad in 18th century Marie Antoinette garb, taught the world how to Vogue, a performance style popularized in underground gay dance clubs of the '80s. Cue in one incredibly animated pants-less dancer, and VMA magic is made.'

Next was the 2003 Madonna 20th Anniversary performance, that came in at #4:
'The Madonna-Britney kiss! Could we talk about anything else the day after the 2003 VMAs? And poor Christina, the camera cutting away as her and Madge lip-locked. The memorable medley kicked off with Britney and Christina Aguilera paying homage to Madonna's infamous 'Like a Virgin' performance at the 1984 VMAs, topped off with Madonna - dressed as a groom - performing 'Hollywood.' But let's be real, the kiss was all that really mattered to the masses.'

For the full story visit billboard.com/mtv-vmas-10-best-performances-ever-poll

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I don't know why everyone gets so het up about these stupid polls. For that's what they are - stupid. They're like popularity votes at school.

We all know Madonna has pushed the envelope more than most and is one of the greatest pop stars of all time. As such, I really don't need a poll to validate that, and neither does M herself!


I went to this site and apparently Michael Jackson fans have been voting in outrageous numbers for some reason. I barely remember the performances they listed. I know the one with NSYNC was painful to watch and once they gave him a birthday cake and he thought he was given some artist of the Millennium award. All of Madonna's performances were the highlight of ever show. Vogue alone set the bar for future VMA performances. "Like a Virgin" was the only thing that anyone can remember from the 1984 show and it hadn't even been released yet. The "Like a Virgin/Hollywood" was talked about for months in the media and is still referenced as major pop culture event.


Madonna's Vogue should be number one. This is ridiculous. No words.


Who cares about those useless polls? Vogue was VMA's peak moment plus one of Madonna's best performances ever.

angel love

Juan, the readers were the ones who voted. Since that performance was in 1984, and those fans who remember that performance, are no longer on MTV's website participating in polls, if you know what I mean.

Juan Pablo

Once again, Madonna has been robbed. The best MTV performance ever was her Like A Virgin set. Why? Because she performed it during a time that such audacity would had killed a young career and she owned it!

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