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Antonio Banderas was 'afraid' of Madonna's attentions

Antonio Banderas was terrified after finding out Madonna had him set in her sights, and refused to date the pop superstar because she was too 'powerful'.
The Material Girl famously flaunted her crush on the Spanish hunk in her outrageous 1991 documentary In Bed With Madonna, which saw her flirt with a shy Banderas at a party in Spain.
The actor admits he was a nervous wreck in Madonna's presence - because he couldn't speak English and didn't know how to fend her off.
He tells Harper's Bazaar, 'I couldn't speak English at the time. She said a lot of things at the table when we were having dinner - I couldn't understand s**t. I was just flipping out that I was sitting down close to Madonna. She was very famous already, and we were just local people.'
'It was kind of flattering when somebody said, 'She likes you, a lot.' I said, 'Oh, really? I've no idea what I should do about this. I mean, I'm married (to first wife, Ana Leza).' So, nothing happened.'
'I was afraid of it at the time, because she was a very powerful woman. I didn't want to be Madonna's boy. For good or for bad, I just wanted to have my own career.'
The pair went on to star in the 1996 movie musical Evita together.



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Philip Pearl

Bullshit! Men are not intimidated by powerful women. Men don’t like batshit crazy entitled narcissistic women who think they should have every man they lay eyes on. Truly powerful women aren’t always wailing it in showy, narcissistic, tone deaf ways as Madonna is notorious for.

She’s known for not respecting marriage or other boundaries of decency. She is toxic masculinity

Loudon Clear

He wasn't "intimidated," he was married and wanted no parts of her pursuit.


Just goes to show that everything Madonna has said was right. Men are totally intimidated by a very powerful woman.


I'd figured that's what it was. I mean, really, how could you turn down Madonna?!!

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