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Vote: Queen of Pop

German-French channel ARTE are running an online poll to find out who is the Queen of Pop at this link: it looks like fans can vote once a day.

The channel is showing a program on each of the ten nominees - Madonna's show will be broadcast on Friday 22 July.

Thanks to Didier


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I agree with other people where who say "Who needs a silly poll?" We already know the answer: MADONNA! She earned her crown by working hard, maintaining her music all these years by pumping out great music over time; being a cultural icon; influencing other artists and just being there and doing things for culture, society and chairty. That makes her Queen--longevity speaks louder than anyone else out and forever. Amen.


Alex, you are my man! :-)


Of course we all know who is the Queen op Pop but I vote for this poll everyday because I want support Madonna anyway.


Guys, it's just a titel for the program. Don't take it to seriously! :-)


The title "Queen of Pop" does not pass from one person to another. It would be like asking who's the new King of Rock and Roll, of course Elvis will always be even if he's dead.
I's ridiculous to think that every new generation would have a new Queen of Pop, because in order too be the Queen of pop the artist has to transcend generations. so if a new Queen of Pop comes out every 5 years, it means none of them were really the Queen of Pop, it would be contradictory.
Besides Madonna is the Queen and nothing can change that, no matter how many views other artist's videos have on YouTube, lol. Being the queen of pop is so much more than that, it's a cultural and historical matter than can't be replaced.


Why do they have to find out who's the Queen of Pop? If they don't know by now, they never will:-)
Madonna will always remain the Queen. Period!


This poll is dumb cus we all know who is the Queen of Pop

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