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Rolling Stone reconfirm Madonna as Queen of Pop!

As if we needed telling! Madonna has been named as the Queen of Pop in a new poll run by Rolling Stone magazine. To read the full story visit

Last week we did some serious number crunching and created the Rolling Stone Queen Of Pop Index – a ranking of the current top 16 female pop recording artists. To be as up-to-date as possible, we only examined data from the last two years – which excluded all artists that hadn't work in that time period. Needless to say, this pissed off some fan communities. Madonna fans were particularly enraged, even though her last album was released in early 2008 and she's been off the road since the summer of 2009.
With all the fan feedback, we decided to poll our readers so they could name their own queen of pop. Here are the results:

1. Madonna
To say that Madonna won this poll in a landslide would be like saying that she was a kind of popular pop singer in the 1980s. It wouldn't even begin to explain the scope of the situation. She received five times as many votes as Lady Gaga, who landed in second place by a very comfortable margin. The only persistent criticism that Gaga has dealt with in recent years is that she's too much like Madonna. It's a hard shadow to escape. Madonna is a musical icon without peer. Her run of hits over the past 30 years is simply astounding, and when she hits the road, tickets sell like it's a Led Zeppelin reunion tour.
Sure, her last few albums didn't match up to the classics. Nobody cares. She's Madonna. Lady Gaga has accomplished more in recent years than any artist of her era, but she's still got a long climb until she reaches Madonna level. It's very likely that no other artist will ever reach it though. Her manager Guy Oseary recently tweeted that she's started recording her 12th studio album, so clearly she has no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

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I would release a missle if RS will not put Madonna as the Queen of Pop. LOL! Congrats to the real Queen, Madonna. Just wondering where's Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Kylie Minogue?


Gaga doesn´t deserves the second place. Maybe Tina Turner or Aretha. Madonna is better person than Gaga, sings better, dances much better,acts much better...........
Tina Turner has influenced much more on other singers than Gaga.


Madonna is being punished by American Life. Gaga will never be like Madonna. And on the other hand maybe the weak king of pop needs a weak queen of pop. In addition there is a lot of corruption in the internet surrounding Michael Jackson and Gaga. Much information is false so that they always win. From Tv they try to convince very young people, that they are the best. Profit from the fact that they don´t know other artists like Madonna.


GOD BLESS MADONNA A MILLION TIMES! LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!!!! Like millions of other fans around the world, I cannot wait for her new album!


this poll may be misleading, and not by any stretch or intention Madonna's doing. The Ga's fans (Little Monsters) don't consider her as the queen of "pop".

The Ga's image is more attuned, defined and focused on this generation of gay & female listeners who are already a bit distanced from Madonna's brand of music. IOW, Lady Gaga crept in that crevice where Madge failed to venture into during her latter musical journeys. Madge's music became odd and repetitive in the last two albums, so Lady Gaga's retro-alternative-pop brand became more noticeable.

I fret at her Madgesty's next album, because it might never measure up - judging by her last two. But I'm still hopeful she's still GOT IT! :D

tracey lee

am so glad madonna is the QUEEN OF POP.not gaga who i hate so much.


Well, OBVIOUSLY Madonna is the Queen of Pop! I mean, seriously. What's there to debate here? Look at the stats (the Guinness Book of Records, for a start). Any questions? No? Good. The facts speak for themselves and they're saying: "Bite me, pop princess wannabes!" :P

Seriously, though, I'm glad justice has been done. :) Anyone else at the top would have been a pathetic joke.

I can't wait for Madonna's next album!! I'm on pins and needles already! It's high time!


Rolling Stone realized they made a huge screw-up with calling Gaga the ‘Queen of Pop’. This is just them trying to cover their own asses.
Of course, Madonna is the Queen, we don’t need them to tell us that.
This is just pathetic. Rolling Stone magazine has just lost any respect from the readers. And Madonna is the Queen of Pop, but not because they say so.



Gilbert U.

RS, in order to give someone the title of Queen of Pop, you have to examine an artists overall impact on the following: charts (singles/albums), money grossed from concerts, impact on pop culture, any cross appeal (film/clothing lines, etc) and LONGEVITY. Those are some critical areas to name a few. By attempting to weed out the TRUE Queen of Pop Madonna by limiting your list to artists work within the past two years would've been an insult to Madonna, her fans and pop culture.

You got this part of your article right, "Lady Gaga has accomplished more in recent years than any artist of her era, but she's still got a long climb until she reaches Madonna level. It's very likely that no other artist will ever reach it though." Madonna is and ALWAYS will be the QUEEN OF POP & MUSIC. Period, point, blank!


Like why are these retards even QUESTIONING this?????? ALL the female pretenders out there all try to be her any way! An dwe know who they are...ALL of them behind Madonna on that list! It makes me sick, if this were about MJ nobody would even question his place in pop royalty, she has had the same amount of success as he did, influence, genius, talent yet people in the media STILL feel the need to pit her against fake copies of herself, i mean come on... GaGa? She's just the latest 20-something year old wannabe who'll shave her head and and go AWOL, would anybody have questioned wehter MJ was the King against JT or Usher? Its ridiculous! Go check the bank balance and record sales... THATS how you measure a pop Queen! Madonna owns all of the others in that list, they wouldnt even be here if it were not for her, they ALL want to be just like her, the woman they grew up wanting to be like. Get over Rolling Stone, you will never topple Madonna, she's here for life!


"Madonna fans were particularly enraged"

really?! people complained when the point of the index was to tally the last two years (in other words, crunch numbers for the current state of pop)?

o_O love Madonna, but save me from her followers!


Interesting that Gaga came in second to Madonna. Shows that Madonna and Gaga are the two top women pop artists out there. Madonna is and always will be the Queen of Pop, just like MJ is King of Pop, Elvis is King of R&R and Aretha Franklin will always reign as the Queen of Soul. It is what it is. Gaga has a long way to go and Madonna will always have a 30 year head start. Congrats to Madonna! She deserves every vote and then some! Can't wait for Madonna's new album! Bring it on, Baby.


this was no contest. It would be just as absurd as voting for the King of Pop


QUEEN MADONNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The record sales, global impact, touring records, and longevity prove it. There is no doubt or question. Do you see today's pop tarts saying, "Oh, I was inspired by Mariah," or "I was inspired by Celine." No. They all say, "I was inspired by Madonna, and I want to be the next Madonna."


madonna is the only queen of pop. I am glad to see tina turner on the list



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