Darren Hayes covers Angel
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john Suddes

It looks sh*t!!


Don't freak out - most films have 'Sales posters' that are really only meant for industry eyes and then go onto a complete redesign for the theatrical release poster. I design both kinds professionally. If you go to a festival like Cannes (or get the trades during those festivals) you'll see some really not nice looking posters (and to be fair some nice ones two) for big-budget films, its just to get buyers into the screenings, and for Madonna's feature debut people were intrigued enough that they could have screened it without any poster at all! Its a industry poster - dont sweat it.


It's FAKE. I can't believe fan sites keep "confirming" fake crap.

Joe Ritz

Terrible design. I hope it's a joke!


That one is a fake ;)

Mark Allen

"In love... we trust." Love it!


In my oppinion it looks not really professional. It should definately be reworked to a higer quality level.


This image is leaked 2 months ago ( i have it under my profile photos on FB. don't remember exactly where i found it but i remeber it was written that it is not an official commercial poster.kind of demo poster.


Wasn't it rebealed few weeks ago? With a June 2011 date?


This is fake, a fanmade, made it months ago...


She can certainly afford a better designer than this. Tripe.

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