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More news from MTV about new album producer

A few weeks ago, Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary took to Twitter to announce that the Queen of Pop was about to hit the studio to begin work on her twelfth studio album – her first since 2008’s Hard Candy. At the time, we had a few suggestions for Madge. We recommended she A.) stay away from 'hot' producers like RedOne or Dr. Luke, B.) make some real dance music, and C.) use the ups and downs of the last few years to write about something substantial.
And guess what? She’s taking our advice!
Oseary tweeted that Her Madgesty began work on the untitled album on the Fourth of July. Now the first producer has been named and he’s someone to get excited about: Martin Solveig. Solveig is a French electronic music DJ and producer best known for work with Canadian electropop group Dragonette and the song 'Hello,' which became a hit in the U.S. after being featured in commercials for Trident.
Remember what happened the last time Madonna worked with a lesser-known French DJ? Music happened.
'David Guetta, Joachim Garaud, Martin Solveig, Bob Sinclair - these dudes are all part of the French guard of house music coming onto the scene in the early 2000s,' MTV News' resident dance music expert Akshay Bhansali tells us. 'He's [Solveig] always been well respected, but this year, singles-wise, he's probably made more commercially on music than Guetta.'
Solveig's good rep and ear for commercially viable dance music will be important, because this is an especially important album for Madonna. As silly as it may sound, it’s her first post-Gaga record and because of that, it will be viewed and critiqued through that lens. Earlier this year, Gaga was slapped on the wrist by music critics who felt her smash 'Born This Way' sounded a little too close for comfort to Madonna’s 1989 hit 'Express Yourself.' Gaga’s aesthetic is also often compared to Madonna’s.
So anyone who thinks Madonna won’t experience this same scrutiny in reverse as soon as she produces something new is naïve. Critics’ first question won’t be, 'What does it sound like?' Instead they’ll ask, 'Does it sound like Gaga?' And the answer needs to be no (or at least 'not really').
That’s why we recommended she avoid in-demand producers. If a producer is famous enough for the mainstream public to have some idea of who they are, then people will be able to spot their sound immediately - think RedOne’s bombastic beats for Gaga or the slick thump Dr. Luke puts together for Britney Spears and Katy Perry. Madonna at her best is forward-thinking and ahead of the musical curve; she doesn’t want to sound derivative (like she did working with 'hot' producers Pharrell Williams, Nate Hills and Timbaland on Hard Candy).
'He's a very capable producer, and maybe the fact that he’s an electronic dance music producer that has made two huge songs that don't sound too clubby is something that drew Madonna,' Bhansali says of Solveig. '‘Hello’ doesn't feel like your average fist pump song. It feels more cultured than that - and perhaps that's what she's after.'
Madonna was the primary songwriter on Music, Ray of Light and Confessions on a Dance Floor, and on all three she worked closely with little known European DJs/producers, Mirwais Ahmadzai, William Orbit and Stuart Price, respectively. It’s great that she seems to be reverting back to a formula that has worked well for her in the past. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.



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MADONNA - Please oh please bring back Mirwais, Orbit, Patrick Lenord, Steven Bray, Stuart Price, and add in two more unknown producers.

Martin Defrance

Yes madonna needs serious help in regaining her creative edge, and one person who is a known name that would be a great match is Linda Perry. It'd be interesting to see Madonna work with a female songwriter/producer. Linda is as real as they get and plus produces such a diverse range of artists in different genres. Madonna take a longtime fan's advise and give Linda a call!

James Conley

I have been a fan since 1983. They said she would be a one hit wonder. They can say this and they can say that, but she will do what she wants when she want and how she wants and it will be awesome. IMO some of her best songs are the ones that have not followed the mainstream, but then again at the age of 45 I am considered old in this country of America, therefore my opinion is worthless. One day the young now will be old and know what it feels like to be ignored and shoved to the back of the line.
It's a funny thing about Madonna though, Her last album debuted at # in 37 countries around the world and her last tour was the highest grossing tour fora female artist ever, what does that say about American Youth? They are just to young and inmature to appreciate things for what they really are.

Matt - London

Bring back Pat Leonard! She's too deluded regarding her own 'song writing' abilities. She needs more than a producer - she needs a 'melody craftsman' not a 'sound wizard'; someone who can play the keyboard and have a classical understanding of musical composition. All her best hits were written by other people; Borderline, Holiday, Crazy for you, Material Girl, Like A Virgin, Dress you up, Papa don't preach, Open your heart etc.
She needs to stop with these 'bedroom dj's'-it shouldn't be all about production, but more about quality melodies.


I don't think Madonna's ban on American radio has anything to do with her stance on America's war on terror. 99.9% of people in the entertainment industry have the same views as Madonna. The problem is, America is obsessed with youth. I doubt you could name 5 artists over 45 whose music is played regularly on American pop radio.
I find it amusing how some people have already decided that this new album is going to suck, and it's not even recorded yet. I think if your expectations are always to the moon, you are going to be let down quite often. I personally don't care who she works with. I'm glad we are getting some new music, and I'm happy with that.


Whatever the sound I'm sure it's going to be good, It's Madonna...hello. Nothing more needs to be said. Although, I am quite upset with radio over here in the states. They don't play any of her stuff anymore. You do hear some of the staples, but it's only on a rare occassion. Her single "revolver" came out and than it vanished. Never even got played after the first few hits. Now I'm a hardcore madonna fan... as hard as it gets, but just because she had an important thing to say about the war ( which was against policy.. mind you) she is all of the sudden damaged goods. The reason Madonna will always be the queen of rock is because no mattere how much her records sell.. or don't sell, once she announces she's touring... it's all over. She sells out wherever she goes and that is why she always be the true Queen and no one can touch her!

Loudon Clear

If people think this project won't be commercial, they should think again. I'm Breathless is probably the only album Madonna ever did that had little commercial content. Whether it's designed for American or European appeal doesn't matter. What I'd like to know is when her fans became so obsessed with dance music. She always puts out dance remixes anyway, so why can't something different be appreciated? If you couldn't dance to anything on Hard Candy, you probably can't dance, period. Broaden your taste. It should occur to everyone that discussions about her work always start with who the producer is. Shouldn't she have learned enough in 30 years to produce something on her own for a change? And how is this project going to be released anyway? She doesn't have a recording contract! It's too bad that this will probably be a calculated move in response to Lady Gaga's success. The rumor about working with Jim Steinman was way more exciting.


I honestly feel that she needs a real pop music feel. Something with real, beautiful simple songs and real music. For her to turn from dance and techno when pop radio is in the closet that that's what it really enjoys, would be progressive. When I read that she was working with Jim Steinman and Joe Henry, i felt that this could be a return to some classic 60-80's pop rock. She needs a new solid ballad. She can sing! And when she actually has something to say, sing about-people listen. Martin is already over. Dragonette? Please, this is a desperate measure.


How on earth has Madonna become repetative? Confessions was the opposite of Hard Candy which was nothing like Music or american Life! As for America, they only stopped playing her music on radio because of her stance against America's war on terror! Hard Candy still shifted around 8 million copies and Confessions is nearing the 18 million mark... last decade Madonna was THE biggest selling singles artist in the US and one of the biggest selling globally the last decade. Who cares if America is into her music? Most of them are just the establishment refuse to support her... and what country bases their top 100 on airplay??????? SALES matter not how many people tune in to a channel or those that decide top play a song, ridiculous! If you want repetative then look at Britney Rihanna and GaGa, all of their last few albums are an unchanged formula! Madonna is unique


Hope she make a ballad on this new album. Pat Leonard & Shep Pettibone should be part of this too......


Its sad to say but dought what ever type of music she puts out in this country will get very litle air play if any hung up and sorry where fantastic songs but got no air play i hope im wrong but i dought i am they only play the same old tired hip hop crap. that being said i have i hope for this album icant wait


Gr8 another shit album on its to the fans then i guess


A really very good idea, Madge. Really! :)

Hard Candy was not too bad but wasn't an album dance and this woman is born to make people dance. And mr Solveig is a really good dance producer with some hits in Europe, besides Hello.

I'm very excited with the news :D

nick osorio

i dunno i loved her work on hard candy i thought it was completly under rated i thought beat goes on should have been a single and would have killed as well as she's not me ( amazing) n these songs at the height of her sad divorce would have gotten major buzz , n damnit a video for revolver would have boosted her right into the spotlight with wayne even if he was locked a cartoon video would have been cute, n i dunno I LOVE DAVID GUETTA his work with kelly rowland has done wonders for her , but whatever i can't wait whatever it is i'll respect it and love it , even my lesser favorite ablums have a special in my heart


For some reason Ray of Light and Music come to my mind... and it's good! I love these 2 albums and I love even more the direction she's taking. We need good lyrics and good music and I have no doubt that M will do it once again. Can't wait!!!

Pablo Cancino

Well, i think madonna has had a wide range of musical proposals, but we as fans, have noticed she has started to apear little repetitive and less original. I think is really difficult to overcome the commercial standars and new competitors as Lady Gaga or Rihana, music constantly changes and Madonna has changed and reinvented herself over and over, but pop music now a days is more decadent and superficial, to create good music as she did in past decades must be really difficult, it could be almost as a miracle to touch a nerve as she did with Like a virgin or Ray of light, surely she will sell her usual millions of copies but it doesnt mean it will be a really master piece of art, as we got used to, but we wish it will be like that, cross fingers!

James Conley

I have always loved every album Madonna has put out,from her first,self-titled album, "MADONNA", to, "HARD CANDY", so I am so looking forward to the new sound, the new look, but the same voice! I can hardly wait!!!!


Who knows how good it will be - but I don't think 'Hello' is a good omen if this is the sound she goes for - does not really seem that off the radar underground like the choice of William Orbit, Mirwais and at the time Stuart Price were

Loudon Clear

I agree with Jojo, but only about following a sound everyone has had before. Why can't this woman remember her roots of performing in bands and make that a part of her sound? She always did what no one else expected, and dance is the last thing we need from her. Funny how she wants producers to whip up the latest technology for her albums, but she straps on a guitar to seem like a deeper artist on tour. Every song has to sound like it was made on a cell phone now. I'm just about over it.


I was really hoping she would work with Royksopp or PNAU.

Pat Bradley

We shall see, little man!


Thanks Jojo...Someone who understands what he is talking about! Its going to be another creative disaster i am afraid!


I absolutely love Madonna! And yes, she needs more dance tracks like "Hung Up" and "Sorry". I still listen to 'Confessions' every week because that album was, and still is, absolutely genius. I hope she redefines her music in the same way 'Confessions' did with the disco music of the '70s. I definitely wouldn't mind a 'Confession Part II" album & tour (both were amazing), just saying =)


....More dance music? Really? I wouldn't mind hearing an upbeat dance track or two on a new album. However, I was really hoping she'd go in a different direction. I'd love to hear a more organic sound from her, working with someone like her brother-in-law Joe Henry could bring that out. I'd really like to see an album that challenges her musically, something a bit more intelligent than Hard Candy or Revolver.

Michael Schirmer

She should check out Bon Iver for her ballads. He's amazing.

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