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Madonna launching Material Girl Beauty

Magazines: Arte

The magazine for German-French channel ARTE have featured Madonna on the cover and an article inside about the 10 nominees for Queen of Pop.

The channel will be broadcasting a program on each of the ten nominees with Madonna's show airing on Friday 22 July (with a repeat on Saturday 30 July).

Fans can vote for the Queen of Pop in an online poll at this link:

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I agree Domian - why is the Queen of Pop Title coming up everywhere? Has Lady Ga Gas PR Machine decided that they need her to have this Title? Madonna never asked for it - she was given it due to her being the biggest Female Pop Star in history. Ga Ga - lets see where you are at in 10 years - you cant keep up the ridiculous costumes and average songs for much longer. SUBSTANCE GA GA - go find some.


madonna will always rule! Lady gaga????

tracey lee

madonna is the only QUEEN OF POP.


I think it disgusting that Lady GaGa is even on this! She has been out for what 3 years? COME ON


vote here:

This voting ends at 30.7

When you delete the cookies you can vote over and over again, make this site to your favourites and vote so many times you can


vote for the obvious? i don't understand the latest queen of pop mania. M is the one and only queen of pop since many decades.


Madonna will always be the QUEEN OF POP who else? :))

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Love this magazine cover.
I like to share this on facebook.


I vote for her everyday.

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