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i like the way her kids all seem to cover different styles, places, roots and that's a good message.

Well I Never!


Why SHOULD there be any particular hairstyle on anyone?

I take it, then, that you don't like it when Madonna changes her hairstyle?

Since you are a hairdresser, if people didn't get their hair cut, then you'd be out of work!


I think the boys - and all the family - look great!


Reading the comments people have left under the Daily Mail article it really highlights such an ugly, negative, bullying mentality in our society that has developed. Yes, I'm a Madonna fan, but take her out the equation, as this refers to everyone, famous or not. It just really saddens me that people feel perfectly content and that it's within their right to sit annonymously behind their computer and make such nasty, vindictive comments, and pass such personl judgements about others. Infact from the tone of the comments, people seem to be purposely being as down right nasty as they can possibly be. Rant over, but hopefully the majority of people know where I'm coming from.

john Suddes

and Lourdes


I wouldn't normally comment on this but as a hairdresser it's what I look at first! Why shave the boy's hair off??? They should flowing blond locks on Rocco and David should hav a mega fro??

Anyway they all look relaxed and she looks great........


Well, to be precise they were AT Heathrow, LEAVING FOR JFK!

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