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Madonna crowned ARTE Queen of Pop

French/German TV channel ARTE broadcast live from Hamburg last night (Saturday 30 July) to announce the results of fans online voting to name the Queen of Pop, 70,000 votes were counted and (of course) Madonna was crowned Queen of Pop.

Here are the full breakdown of results:

1 - Madonna 24.2%
2 - Britney Spears 20.9%
3 - Lady Gaga 15.9%
4 - Aretha Franklin 9.7%
5 - Kate Bush 7.7%
6 - Beyoncé 5.5%
7 - Mariah Carey 4.5%
8 - Debbie Harry 4.4%
9 - Diana Ross 4.3%
10 - Donna Summer 2.9%

Thanks to Didier


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Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Britney shouldnt belong to that list. Period. Why Janet Jackson wasnt included too? Idiots...

Rick Jr.

I agree that having these polls is silly however people need to realize that after being named queen of pop first, no other poll will tell the world who can top that. Whoever is the next "queen of pop" next year and so forth, will not be there without their icon Madonna

tracey lee



where's Cher!?


Another stupid competition, we all know who Madonna is...


As if there were any doubts :-)
... Long live the Queen... We love you Madonna

Gilbert U.

Yay for Madonna! But seriously, I expected there to be a wider gap between Madge and the #2 contender.


This should not happen because everybody knows the one and only, and the real Queen of Pop....

This only shows that the Madonna has the only right to that title. Congrats to M and to all those who voted her (including me).



How many more polls need to be undertaken before people finally swallow the fact that Madonna not only earned her right to that title but that the public themselves have bestowed it upon her. Madonna is more than a Queen of popular music... She's one of its creators, its founders, one of its movers. Madonna helped shape what we see and here today and no amount of 'polling' will ever take that away.

tracey laa

am so glad madonna is THE QUEEN OF POP.


Britney at second? Really? :/

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