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Darren Hayes covers Angel

Darren Hayes has released a cover of Madonna's Angel. It is included with his new single Talk, Talk, Talk as a bonus track (B-side). Visit his YouTube channel here.

madonnalicious spoke to Darren recently and asked him:
'Knowing you are a huge Madonna fan I was wondering what in particular about Angel made you want to cover the song?'

It was one of the first records I ever bought and one of the first songs I wish I'd written. As a kid - without much money and with nothing but a pocket full of dreams - I would imagine that it was me up there singing. The 12inch version especially cast a spell on me.
It was a pivotal time in my life when I started to realise that this is what I wanted to do for a living.
As an adult with my own career, recording a cover version 'Angel' was like coming full circle. Like a Virgin is still one of my favourite Madonna albums and 'Angel' remains probably my favourite Madonna song of all time.

Thanks to J.T.


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Its' wonderful what a brilliant cover - forgot how great this song is. Would love Madonna to sing this again on her new tour with this fab new arrangement

David C

I have to say that I'm not a fan of his music, but this is a great cover of one of my favourite Madonna songs ever. Maybe Madonna will hear it and remember what a great song it is...and even sing it live? My only criticism is that he hasn't added anything new i.e changed the melody or harmonies a little. It's an exact copy.


Lovely cover!

And,Luis...."I never did understood" is not good English. Why do so many people have a problem with verb tenses?


Don't get me wrong, I really, really like this cover, but... doesn't it really sound just as a mesh up of Angel & Hung Up (the lyrics of Angel and a repeating music sequence of Hung Up)? Try listening to the music only... or it might be just me :)


If you like this cover, you should hear his version of Dress You Up! It's freakin' perfect! ;)


Beautiful vocals. Forgot how much I loved his voice. Really respectful cover. Much better than Britney's recent attempt at Burning Up.


Oh my Madonna! This is soo LUSH!!! I love the song even more now!

angel love

After hearing his version of Angel, I can imagine hearing George Michael doing a good version too.


Wow, Darren does it again... This is THE best Madonna cover EVER and Darren, lush - his voice is always angelic.... Thank you so much for posting, I think I just found my fill in song for repeat until her Madgesty releases her next album.


It is one of my favourite songs too! My best friend has it as the ring tone for when I call!


I enjoy Darren's covers of Madonna songs. I think he does a great job.


I never did understood why this track never became a single... It is also one of my Madonna favorite songs... But this guy totally kills it :-(

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