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Madonna film to air at Venice festival


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ok so I AM from Slovakia, and I actually happen to know FOR SURE that this is NOT Madonna, it is actually my friend's mom. We are not stealing anything, neither are we putting together a pieces from various pictures of her's. This ad is absolutely and undoubtedly legal.


let me explain: it's not madonna. I know personally this concrete Ad capaign of this restaurant in Bratislava. In a casting they were looking for "doubles" of 4-5 famous people (Madonna, Jack Nicholson, XY,..) Every month another face will appear on the billboards. So it's just a combination of a good make-up artist, photographer and of course some PC graphics postproduction.


Chad: your link doesnt work.


This is where the face is from:


She is still influencial artist....

Matt Zadlock

Is a hot billboard!


Yea, the face is taken from the photo on her homepage at, the apple is covering what would be her bracelet. it's major photoshop.

thom boise,id

the resturant is getting what it wants publicity. its around the world now and everyones talking about it; but here in america. im sure will be soon.


Yeah, it is her, but I think it has been chopped and pieced together...not an outtake I don't think, although I recognize the dress and cross necklace, her hairstyle is not familiar. The arms are definitely hers but the hair just doesn't seem right to strange!


She should get a free meal out of this...


Is that advert legal? That's Madonna, and that image it's a combination of different pictures, I can recognize her face from one of the pictures for the Interview Magazine as well as the knife, her arms and her body with the necklace from 2 different pictures from the MET Gala and the Louis Vuitton session. Her face it's obviously copy-pasted there and it's from the most iconic picture of the Interview session. That advert was made by someone who knew very well was he was doing and I think he must be a Madonna fan. But I wonder if using her image like that in a commercial advert is legal.


yes is madonna from Dolce & Gabbana


I think it's photoshop magic. That's definitely Madonna. Look at the face and arms..I wonder if they took a pic from the Dolce & Gabbana ad

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