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Rihanna: 'Madonna is my biggest inspiration'


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Let me Google that for you

"who the hell is beth ditto?

Posted by: jeffrey | Sunday, 24 July 2011 at 06:42 PM"

Ever heard of Google? Or was it just a very poor attempt at a "funny" comment?


I LOVE BETH, but that really wasn't the best. If your going to the best u need to step it up.

Vanesa San Emeterio

Yo! Mo! I don't think u can compete with this! Get crackin!

Pablo Cancino

Great!!!, Madonna should give her a free membership to her hard candy fitness gym here in México City


i actually think she does a really good job of it.fair play to the girl.xx


She might wanna get the words right first before she slaughters an iconic song


That was fun!
One a side note.....what happen to the forum here? its been a while. I'm completely out of the loop.:(


who the hell is beth ditto?


The deconstruction of VOGUE ... Outch ... Whatever happened to style, Beth? Isn't that what the song proclaims?




Madonna hasnt been in the limelight for years yet her influence is far and wide... GaGa, Rihanna, Kylie using M's producers and tour ideas again and now the Gossip. Madonna will endure forever... through artists like Britney and the ones who come out and admit she is a massive inspiration, Madonna will live on and on, in simple terms we and celeb world will always love her. I also applaud the celebs who do come out in support for M and admit to using her ideas, ethos or work ethics... i praise them for doing so and putting a lid on the decades of abuse M has taken from the critics and press. At the end of the day all this nonsense with GaGa and Madonna is part fuelled by the press who long for the day Madonna is toppled, but GaGa doesnt help matters... she blatantly puts herself in M's league, alongside her! Ludicrous, only arogance would behave like that. But kudos for Beth and Rihanna coming out, its not like we didnt know Rihanna admired Madonna! They all do!!!




Oh David from your lips to reality! Beth Ditto is a freaking Goddess!! Lover The Gossip and she rocked "Vogue" this was really special.


Well.... That was the most disturbing thin I have EVER seen!....


omg this marries two of my fave musicians, Madonna and The Gossip!!! i freakin LOVE Beth Ditto!!! she is so damn feirce, i can barely stand it! i smell a colab!!! lol.

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