Vote: Queen of Pop
Madonna pictured in London


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*prepares*...The way I see it, this could be as genius as 'Ray Of Light'...Or fail everyone's expectations as 'Hard Candy' did. I'm hoping for something innovative. Auto-tune & Electronic are a No-No at this point :)


I bet this album will be soooo like GaGa, yet all the usual GaGa haters will still proclaim it 'genius' and 'awesome'! lol


Artists like Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Christina Aquilera - they all look up to Madonna, and now she's coming back to show them all how it's really done!


How is the music coming out? What label??? She even said herself she didn't know a few months ago.


What is Guy's twitter name?

Bobby Katis

Please no hip hop...think "confessions"


This has been long overdue.... Don't let me quit being a fan....


Can't wait too!!!


Kylie replied "Yay" and through Guy Oseary's account, was written "Thanks for the love - M" Madonna and Kylie BFF!


I've been waiting to hear this news for ages. Woo Hoooo

Teresa Gibson

Great to hear! But, tooo long in coming. Better bring it girl!! Don't let Gaga take your throne yet.




I love this headline to this speaks in volumes. PERFECT!!!

Mark Allen

I'm too excited for words!


Well until she releases her album, i'm not bothered!! I hope its not bad like Celebration was!!!She really needs to pick up her A game to compete with the likes of Gaga, Britney, beyonce, etc!! I still love her though!!!


Cant wait!!!


Finally, the queen is back!!!


It's been way too long between albums. It reminds me of that time between Bedtime Stories and Ray Of Light.


Nice way to celebrate Independence Day in the USA! Looking forward to something New by Our favorite Material Girl! From Everybody to Give it 2 Me--bring it on! DANCE DANCE DANCE


All rise, the queen is back!!! VERY VERY HAPPY boy, GAGA move over you have had your 15 minutes in the limelight, make way for the true queen of pop!!!!


Madonna has taken a variety of time to record albums (according to Wikipedia), ranging from four months for Ray of Light and True Blue to nine months for Erotica... Hopefully she'll get the album recorded by the end of the year (most likely she will as she has no other major projects since WE is done production) and then I would guess the album will be released around early March, with the first sigle dropping sometime in mid to late January? It would be amazing to have new material in the next couple of months but I bet Madonna wants to create a masterpiece after the lukewarm reception to Hard Candy, and with all the comparisons to Lady Gaga. She'll work really hard but won't rush anything and we'll have the new album in our hands soon! I can't wait!




OMG !!can't wait, be prepared...the Queen is back and will kick every little princess'ass!!


so excited... can't wait. you go girl!


OMG this is exciting news

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