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More insight into W.E. from Liz Smith

Radio programmers talk about Madonna album collaborators

Peter Buchanan published this blog recently at

At the gathering of program director’s meeting in Chicago this weekend, the hot topic was Madonna. My June 9th column was the very first to reveal that The Weinstein Company picked up distribution rights to Madonna’s eagerly anticipated film W.E. I have a lot more information on that, but will keep quiet for now. After all, Madonna is primarily a recording artist, right?
The big talk at the meeting was Madonna’s upcoming album and the possibility of Jim Steinman (hello, Bonnie Tyler, Meat Loaf, and Celine Dion) as a collaborator. Apparently, Madonna wrote some songs with melody ideas and sent them to Mr. Steinman, who was very impressed. Madonna, despite what some say, does write her own lyrics and melodies, but relies on producers to come up with the music.
Some of the program directors thought the idea was interesting, while others thought that Jim Steinman would be cheapening himself. Even if Mr. Steinman doesn’t come through, one of the definite collaborators for Madonna’s next album is going to be Joe Henry, who co-wrote two of Madonna’s most loved songs: 'Don’t Tell Me' and 'Jump.'

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"I dont think it takes a genius to see that GaGa's latest creation is inspired by Madonna, end of!

Posted by: fitsy | Tuesday, 28 June 2011 at 02:54 AM"

Anyone who ends a posting with "end of" cannot formulate an argument and cannot expect to be taken seriously.

I disagree, anyhow: to me, there are far fewer M influences on GaGa's new album than there were on the first album. I agree with Madgey-GaGa that there are a LOT of Steinman infleunces.

In fact, I would go as far as to say that I can even imagine Bonnie Tyler singing "Marry the Night" when she was in her Steinman era!

I would most definitely welcome from Madonna either a rock-inspired album, or a Confessions 2. Just no more dreadful mock hip-hop and R'n'B, please!

Kev Wales

I've seen Bonnie Tyler live in 2000 in an intimate performance in Swansea, South Wales, UK She has the exact stage presence as Madonna, what a great and talented singer you can tell she has star quality!


Anyone who hasn't heard of Jim Steinman doesn't deserve to be taken seriously. Madonna is obviously very keen to get some of that Gaga/Glee big rock ballad action, and to be fair its a much more appropriate move for her than the car crash that was the horrible and disastrous Hard Candy. Hangin' with the kids is just beyond embarrassing once you hit 50 dear. Sure she scored some US hits with that album, but she alienated her real fans. Aside from Give it to Me and Miles Away (which could have come from any of a number of her earlier albums) there was nothing on it I'd ever want to hear again. Never gets played, ever. Stick to Pop, Disco and Dance. Leave Hip Hop to the homies.


I dont think it takes a genius to see that GaGa's latest creation is inspired by Madonna, end of!


"Jim Steinman would be cheapening himself"??? Excuse me! Nobody knows who he is.

Posted by: Jessy Yu"

Well, actaully, I for one know who he is, so your "nobody" is redundant. Like it or not (and I don't, personally!), 'Bat Out Of Hell' is one of the biggest selling albums of all time.

'Total Eclipse of the Heart' was a global smash when Bonnie Tyler released it in 1983 and, interestingly, even Nicki French's dance-oriented cover version reached number 2 in the US on the Billboard 100 chart in 1995. (Bonnie Tyler's original version DID reach number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.)

What IS interesting to me, however, is that I have been saying to friends of late just how much of a Steinman influence I see in Lady GaGa's "Born This Way" album!!! Three tracks on that album, in particular, make me think VERY heavily of a Steinman influence: 'Marry The Night', 'Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)' and 'The Edge of Glory'.

So, to all the doubters, it would appear that Steinman's influence is perhaps still alive and well!

Also, remember, M has long made her love of rock/guitar music clear: live versions of "I Love New York" (The Confessions Tour) and "Hung Up" (Sticky and Sweet Tour) are testament to that so maybe - just maybe - M is heading in that direction?


the enthusiasm madonna has with WE has inspired her to write some really good songs I think that, so I do believe the next album will be amazing!!!


Joe Henry is her brother in law :)


Ok how many people know who this guy is? Im sure it's not even 1/16 of the people who know who Madonna is, so cheapening himself through associating with her is hardly possible!


Madonna wouldn't work with the same callaborators as washed up meatloaf and celine dion. please

T. Soriano

please Madonna work with Anita of cocknbullkid! T


Meatloaf. Bonnie Tyler.

Yes, it definitely seems like he would be 'cheapening' himself by working with Madonna. He should probably hold out for more quality acts like he's used to working with - maybe Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam or Huey Lewis.

paul garcia

Isnt she related to him.? I approve of this collabaration,I know they will make good music together.


I miss the forum :(


Weird choice (celine, meat loaf etc.) but I prefer that than Timbaland.


It's going to be a fantastic album, I can feel it! So happy the Queen is coming back!


HELL YA!! rock is the final frontier for a woman whos done everything from 30's jazz to hip hop. i CANNOT wait to hear what she cooks up for the next record. think how hot shes gonna look with a beater, a pair of leather pants, rockin it out on her guitar....hell to the yes! LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!

Jessy Yu

"Jim Steinman would be cheapening himself"??? Excuse me! Nobody knows who he is. Everybody knows Madonna. If anything, he should feel privileged and honored for his name being associated with Madonna.

Wantonfloozy much stuff to discuss...and no place to do it!

I like the sound of this, not because I am particularly enamoured by Jim Steinman, but because it is preferable to her working with anyone who is responsible for anything in the chart at the moment. Plus he has been responsible for some of the most dramatic, powerful songs in pop. Combined with Madonna, it probably will be awesome.


This could be fascinating! Our prayer for ballads may just have been answered! Madonna has been through a lot this past 3 years, her divorce, criticism over the adoptions and a slew of forgetable lovers not to mention the luke warm reception to Hard Candy; As we have come to learn from Madonna she is always fuelled and at her most creative when she has a point to prove, an axe to grind and there is no better time than the present to grind that axe! She's also had to watch Lady GaGa and Rihanna not to mention Beyonce and Britney try to steal her thunder, let alone pilfer and rob from her past career, looks and ideas! I think Madonna will do well to give us something totally different. As for Jim cheapening himself, i dont think so... most producers give their right arm to work with Madonna, just look at the slew of producers she has made famous and all the other artists that have que'd up to work with them since! Madonna is no fool, she is also the biggest selling female act of all time and the most influential, how quickly people forget that!; she is easily able to command a decent deal with a famous producer. Look at her collaborations with David Foster, after Erotica most people sneered at the prospect of her working with him yet some of his greatest ballads came out of their sessions together, you'll See and One More Chance. Madonna is a legend, either way Mr Steinman hasnt had a hit in decades, Madonna might just be the artist to resurect HIS career and revolutionise her own in the process... bring on the power ballad i say!! :)


Jim Steinman cheapening himself by working with Madonna!? As if!!! - Meat Loaf and Celine Dion are both trash, while Madonna is a true artist with with fantastic records and concerts! Sounds bizzare that she would collaborate with Steinman at all ..


Hopefully this means a departure from the R&B/Hip Hop sound.


Funny this guy seems to not have done anything in a while i read his song lists...CHEAPEN> ???? yeah everyone wants the QUEEN OF POP...blah blah blah

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