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Madonna's life story to be subject of comic book

Madonna will soon find herself in a whole new material world: the pages of a comic book.
The star will have her life story told in 32 pages by Bluewater Productions Inc., the latest celebrity to be part of its semi-regular line of 'Female Force' comics, the publisher said Thursday.
'Our goal is to show the little-known events and influences that resulted in Madonna becoming the phenomenon she remains to this day, more than a quarter-century after she burst upon the scene,' said Jason Schultz, Bluewater's executive vice president. 'A visual medium provides perspective that is not only accessible but more relatable to the average person without losing any of the information involved.'
The one-shot issue - due out in August for $3.99 and written by C.W. Cooke and drawn by Michael Johnson - will look at her life as it transformed from a little-known singer into a multimillion-record-selling entertainer and trendsetter.
'Most pop stars owe everything to this woman. It's amazing all of the things that she's done in her lifetime, and I have a feeling that this is still only the beginning,' Cooke said of Madonna.
The issue joins a growing collection of similar titles from the Vancouver, Wash.-based publisher. Previous subjects in the 'Female Force' series that have included Betty White, Michelle Obama, Barbara Walters, Sarah Palin and Margaret Thatcher, among others.

From AP Via Yahoo! News


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It is also available to pre-order on at £2.99.

Jessy Yu

I've already pre-ordered 5 copies on It's supposed to be shipped on Sept. 13.

Gilbert U.

Anyone have any idea if this comic can be pre-ordered and from which website. I'm not into comics and don't really know how or where to purchase them in Austin, Texas area. Any information would be greatly appreciated. :-D

On a side note, hope they draw her in the manner that she's portrayed in her Music video (cartoon portion).


I'll get that comic as soon as it's released!


what an great idea! no one better to star in a real life comic about a superwoman who takes over the world!! i luv you madonna!!!

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