Madonna comments on W.E.
Liz Smith: The New Dynamic Duo - Weinstein and Madonna!

Madonna ready to record new album

Madonna's manager Guy Oseary has confirmed plans for the singer to re-enter the recording studio next month to start work on her new album.

The 52-year-old performer is said to know the people she wants to work with on the project, which will serve as the follow-up to 2008's Hard Candy.

Taking to Twitter to answer fans' questions surrounding the recording, Oseary revealed: 'Madonna goes into the recording studio next month to begin work on new album....'

'There are no back catalogue plans currently....I met with Warner Music about that very subject....but nothing has come of it....'

'There is nothing to report in regards to guys know how this works....first comes the album and next comes the....'

Oseary also indicated that Madonna knows who she wants to work with, stating: 'She has a good idea on which producers she will be working with....

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Thats so amazing about madonna , i hope that she makes a hardcore candy pop music for this new album, she is the legendary queen of pop and theirs no way of stopping her and she always and i mean always comes up with the most craziest sexiest hottest sounds. The queen is back on the dancefloor i can't wait.

Luis Martin

I agree with Dan, Confession was epic. Can I confess that I lost my job due to that tour?? Just had to catch it one to many times.... lol

Madonna you're great and I can't wait for this new album. I'm starting my Madonna fund savings account for your next tour, gotta get into the front row b**** section!

Chelsey Wilson

WOO HOO!! Just get up and do your thing I love every album you have done! love how they reflect the era involved, love how they are all such different genres yet have the 'Madonna sound', and I am so excited to see what you come up with this time and to see who will get the privilege of working with the QUEEN of pop!!! I do not care about the pop princess's!! Its just all about the music. xx


"Great. There will be more and new material and ideas for Lady Gaga to copy then."

Posted by: Jessy Yu | Wednesday, 15 June 2011 at 09:18 PM

Thankyou Jessy...u read my mind. Well said. lol


hope the album is a great one! all fans need new music from our queen!


I agree with mark Allen.... the QUEEN is coming BACK! I can't wait to hear the new music. Madonna you will always have my you as always and I have missed you. ATTENTION MUSIC BUSINESS PEOPLE: THE QUEEN IS ABOUT TO SHOW EVERY ONE HOW IT IS DONE!


How can ANYONE knock Confessions!????!?! that album was EPIC. She need not worry about Gaga either. She's buried more pop acts than that in her sleep. The last thing she should do is take her into consideration. Madonna should do her thing, and screw the rest. You don't get to be the Queen of Pop worrying about the imitators.


Madonna, love, this album obviously is going to be assertive if not aggressive about being well Madonna but please let go of the domanatrix archetype it's over done it's too used up and safe for you. It's old hat. 

That and domanatrix style reads old old old and unattractively controlling and distancing. It was good it had a good run but just let it go.

There are other archetypes you haven't explored in awhile. The Venus or Aphrodite archetypes. The lover and the flirt. The Enthusiastic lover. The giver of love and the receiver of love.

Be a fountain of love giving to your fans that makes you more equal and supporting than a distant domineering queen expecting adoration. 

Invite people to break down there barriers. Invite people to be tempted to love again. Invite people to experience the transformative power of love and being proud to express themselves.

lee overton

we miss you madonna xxx thank the lord the queen is coming back


I would love to hear a hard, rock/dance album from Madonna! She could infuse trance and get really edgy! That would rock!!


Please girl, focus on song writing.
Call old friends if necessary
But please write songs and stop making awful noise and focus on what made your music so special over the years:
Telling a story

I am surprised to see that did not delete "negative" comments cause they did it a few times when I expressed a critical point of view.
Her last great pop album was American Life and after that there was the great depression in pink!


I can't wait! The last time Madonna took this long between albums she came out with Ray of Light so I'm extremely excited to see what's going to happen here.


I have always wished for Madonna to do a rock album, like Pat Benatar. She does rocked out versions of her music in concerts.

I loved the American Life (Headcleanr Rock Mix) from "Remixed & Revisited" cd


Yay!! Thank you OMG great news!! That brightened my day. I hope she goes hard goes big really go wild with the vocal arrangements. Give us a high energy fierce pop rock dance album about love and getting higher while being hot and flirty. Go Madonna!! Can you tell I'm a fan! Dang that means I need to start saving now for the tour ticket. Peace & Blessings


No more hip-hop, please!!!.



john Suddes

Love Madonna, didnt love Hard Candy, it was ok but didnt love it like previous albums (Apart from American Life, hated it) but Madonna is gonna have to do something special with the next album to stay current with the likes of Ga Ga or I fear this may be her last album :o(

Jamie O'Keefe

The first shoots of a new Madonna era, how exciting!

Jessy Yu

Great. There will be more and new material and ideas for Lady Gaga to copy then.

Mark Allen

Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Kylie Minogue and all else who are inspired by Madonna better get ready: The Queen is coming back!!!!


I hope that this new material is much better than hard candy, that cd was baaaad, also the concert had a few bad moments. I hate to say this but there's so much better music that Hard Candy, that you never heard in the radio, to add. I hope this time she exceeds Confessions on the dancefloor, so far better than before.

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