Liz Smith: The New Dynamic Duo - Weinstein and Madonna!
Events: Simply Madonna in Macau


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madonna's such an amazing human being... I love her!!!


I agree with Fitsy... It is sad other celebrities use this as an excuse to sell records, now being gay is not the same as in twenty years ago and Madonna did break the boundaries when no one did... But she will always be remembered by that and we do need to pass this information on.
Well done Madonna :-)


Madonna was pro-gay even before she was famous. Now its part of most celebrities agenda to ensure cultural and critical success, its contrived beyond belief; sorry but im thinking Lady GaGa here although she isnt alone. GaGa's pro gay messages and her recent vapid comments on this very topic seem transparent, forced upon us even. She may have good intentions but for one so young i feel she has little idea about where gay culture has been and where it is going. Madonna understands us, she has lived alongside us for years, she was there when it truly was unacceptable to be gay, she was a voice when other celebrities like George Michael and Elton John hid behind their true sexuality... What kind of message did that send out to young gay men such as me when i was 13? Madonna was there, she and gay culture go hand in hand, the people she has known on a personal level and lost to HIV/AIDS only serves to enhance the love behind these words she Tweeted. Lady GaGa
and others just seem to pay lip service because "its what Madonna did". Its sad how our culture has become a tick box to further certain celebrities cult status.

Mark Allen



oh dear madge...lurve u loads, there is.really noo 1 LIKE u in the wurldddddddd1

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