Events: Simply Madonna in Macau
Radio programmers talk about Madonna album collaborators


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Hilarious. These comments should be on a sitcom - marmite - gold! bwahahahhaha , and yes, Madonna, hot as always - now get in the studio!.

Kev Wales

I agree with Madgey_GaGa will people stop starting gaga nonsense unnecessary it's getting REALLY BORING!

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Madonna is always better then other's, Nice picture.


I didn't realise this article even mentioned Lady Gaga, let alone be about her, so why start the hating, tracey lee?

I may as well join in, then: I don't like Marmite. Phew, I feel so much better for getting that off my chest.

On the SUBJECT of the article, my, hasn't David grown up?!


wow, David looks so big compare to the little baby she adopted.

Gilbert U.

Wow, David has really grown. Seems like yesterday that she was still carrying him around on her side. On a side note, Madonna does look very nice in this photo. Cannot wait for her to get back in the studio and on the road (tour). :-D Texans love Madonna!


wow David has grown so much! I'm very happy for him!!!


Love the Desperately Seeking Susan hat box!!


wow...i have seen some other pics of this arrival, she is not wearing glasses or any makeup and the pics are taken really close... and she looks sooo young and very natural. amazing!


He sure is growing up.


Rocco was also with both of them, where's his picture ?

tracey lee

madonna look's better and better all the time.who care's about lady gaga then am not.

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