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Liz Smith: The New Dynamic Duo - Weinstein and Madonna!

'I am so anxious for you not to abdicate and I think the fact that you do is going to put me in the wrong light to the entire world because they will say I could have prevented it.'
So wrote American divorcee Wallis Simpson to her lover King Edward VIII, as he prepared to abdicate in the British throne order to marry the woman he loved.
The tale of the King and the American commoner has fascinated historians, biographers and filmmakers for decades. And it has come to fascinate Madonna as a director and writer.
Her soon-due movie 'W.E.,' meshes the story of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor - as they would be known - with the strained relationship of a modern married couple. The modern young woman is obsessed with the royal romance, the legendary 'fairy tale' aspect of a man and woman so in love they would flout all convention and literally change the course of history. Madonna has done a splendid job weaving both aspects of the movie into a seamless, poignant drama. And apparently I am not alone in my admiration for 'W.E.' Producer Harvey Weinstein just picked it up for U.S. distribution.
I had some hint of this not long ago. I ran into Madonna at an event. She looked gorgeous, like a 1940s movie siren. We spoke of 'W.E.' I said, 'You know, this film might be a good fit for Harvey Weinstein.' Madonna clapped her hand over her mouth, and said, 'I can’t speak! Don’t ask!' I had to laugh because she was doing the opposite of Dianne Wiest in 'Bullets Over Broadway' (Remember, Wiest kept putting her hand over everybody’s mouth and declaring, 'Don’t speak!')
I knew there was no point in pressing her. Madonna was more forthcoming about making music again and touring. I said I wished she wouldn’t tour. 'You get so thin,' I observed. Inhaling slightly, bust rising, she replied: 'Actually, I am happy with my weight right now, but all that dancing will inevitably take it off.' She shrugged and grinned, 'Either way, I don’t get any complaints.'
So, one of my all-time favorite stars (whom I have championed relentlessly since 1984) and one of my all time favorite movie moguls (whom I have championed relentlessly since 1989), together, will be pushing a truly superior film. I couldn’t be happier.

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Pablo Cancino

i want to say that is not good or bad to say that Madonna is working with Harvey Weinstein, he has produced several movies and documentaries from Madonna, but remember that they are friends, sometimes in a friendship we are not completly honest, it is not a guarantee that it will be a good film, i know he is very suportive, but is not enough to have good friends in the bussisnes, we should try to start from the begining in the life areas we are not experts, its my point of view, sorry


I wish you all the best Madonna for WE. Also looking forward to your new album 2012. I can't wait i'm keeping my fingers crossed! :))


I'm really excited about the film. everybody who has seen it says it's great!


We are with you Madonna!

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