Events: A Madonna Odyssey in London
Britney Spears' Madonna Burning Up Cover Leaks


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The evita premiere was on 96 not 95. the Infamous "cone bra" is either the pink on EY or the Like A Virgin golden one..certainly not the hanky Panky one. the should have added the True Blue Era short and more athletic body (well they sort of did but unknowingly with the 87 pic labeled as 83) and also her 95 versace Makoever, The Bedtime Stories urban look with the nose earring was also noteworthy, as was the 2005 70s abba/Farrah Fawcett/Travolta look.


She's so above all the pretenders... love her, come back soon with a killer album!!!!


No. The MET gala caption is correct. That was 2009. In 2011 she wore the Stella McCartney dress.


The Met Gala caption should read 2011 and not 2009.


Haha That is so true :-)) someone at Vogue hasn't done their homework right


We all Love Madonna because she is humanity, goodness and brilliance personified. She is America's Queen and the World's Brilliant Lucky Evita Star!


hate when they get the dates wrong -- 1983 is was NOT! that picture is 1987


I love how the look they said is from 1983 but is actually from 87's "Who's That Girl," tour.


The picture listed for 1983 is actually from 1987 Who's that Girl world tour.

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